Worldwide Access To Daylite Without Network Hassles

Product Updates / November 23, 2017 / JD

Getting updated that a meeting has been pushed back, delegating Tasks while on the move, keeping your team in the loop. When you have Daylite accessible over the internet your ability to win more business and get more done doesn’t stop just because you’re out of the office. It is the ideal set up, but do you have the networking chops to get it working?
World Wide

Connecting and syncing with others in Daylite gives you the ability to collaborate, delegate and stay up to date so you can win more business and get more done. With more and more people working outside of the office, Daylite gives you the ability to sync over the internet so you don’t have to compromise where your team can work. If you manage your own server, you need to reconfigure your network to enable this feature but for many, this can be tricky to set up and maintain.

With Daylite Cloud, worldwide access to your database is made easy by removing the need to manage your office network. All you have to do is log in and Daylite does the rest. In fact, since Daylite Cloud has been released, the average number of support tickets opened because of network issues has been reduced by a staggering 87%. This is proof that by Going Cloud, customers are able to to get a better experience by giving you the ability to sync anywhere that has an internet connection without the networking hassles. No matter where you are, you can log in, sync and always be up to date.

“I had really hemmed and hawed over migrating to Daylite Cloud – got used to managing the server and wasn’t sure that it would be worth the annual fee. However, now that I have taken the leap, I have been very satisfied. The instant syncing is much better than the syncing that I was able to do and I no longer have to pay for a static ip address. Thanks for all of the support with the migration.” – Alison Perkins, Perkia LLC

To sync with the internet, Daylite Self-Serve customers need to pay for a Static IP or a DYNDNS service in order to have a consistent IP address to connect to. The router also needs to be configured to open certain ports to allow data to get through the local network, and make sure firewalls are set up right on each computer. This setup dissuaded many Daylite Self-Serve customers from ever using this feature because the investment was too much for most small businesses. There are real costs related to this too. You have to hire an IT consultant, bother your IT staff, or take time out of your day to set it up. You also have to consider lost revenue, which isn’t easy to calculate, but usually has a bigger impact, for when your team isn’t working because of some networking issue. Businesses shouldn’t have to worry about this kind of thing.

If you’re using Daylite Self-Serve and want to get worldwide access to Daylite without network hassles, Go Cloud and save 24%!

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