Wow – Daylite Touch reception has been fantastic!

Our Company / April 2, 2009 / Alykhan Jetha

It seems like most people are appreciating Daylite Touch and Daylite 3.9 in a big way. Even with Sample data in Daylite Touch and a 30 day trial, we’ve broken daily unit sales records in the past couple of days. Something I didn’t expect considering we have a trial period. Thank-you!

People have been eager to try 3.9 or migrate to it and the new Daylite Server has caused confusion for some users, so let me take this opportunity to clear things up.

  1. If you want to use Daylite Touch, or you want to share a database with multiple users/computers, you *must* install Daylite Server and, for existing users, you *must* migrate using Daylite Server. Daylite Server should only be installed on one and only one computer.
  2. Then install Daylite 3.9 and in a shared database environments, install Daylite 3.9 on your other computers as well.

If you are a single user and you do not plan to use or try Daylite Touch and/or you do not share your database on multiple computers, then install Daylite 3.9 only.

If you’ve migrated your database using Daylite 3.9 instead of using Daylite Server, then you need move your database to Daylite Server.

We are going to change a few things around in order to reflect this order better. Unfortunately, places like the Apple Downloads page are linking directly to the Daylite 3.9 disk image which is causing some of the confusion. We are looking to rectify that as well.

A blog is not the best support medium, so I’m going to close the comments. Please email support or visit the forums – we have two separate teams manning these areas. Due to the volume (mostly because of this confusion), support response is a bit slow right now, but we will get to you!

Until next time…

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