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Scaling / April 19, 2007 / Alykhan Jetha

So I’ve been getting a bunch of emails – “I thought it was you”. “Nice work”. “Were you really in front of Alcatraz or is that a backdrop?” and more. And yes I was in front of Alcatraz when we took the pictures and I’m honored that Apple choose to highlight us. They could have chosen from many fine third party developers out there.

It started out as a cold day, but it warmed up pretty fast. Apple treated me really well and made me feel real special. Limo pickup and drop-off to everywhere, great hotel room and best of all, the Apple folks where really nice to work with.

The one thing you notice about the people at Apple, is that they are all really committed and they really enjoy and believe in what they do. They all struggled or worked hard to get into Apple and now that they are there, they want to make it count. I really enjoy being with those kinds of people (at Apple or otherwise) – committed, passionate and smart.

The resolution independant bit got covered by a few blogs:

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