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Daylite helps you follow up with the right deals, on time, with the best process, so you close more deals.

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Remember the details about every deal

Keep track of even the smallest details. Connect all the dots and simply pick up from where you left off in a deal so you can close more deals no matter how long you last spoke. Forget forgetting and then scrambling to piece together the big picture.

People & Roles

See how people are connected and track referrals. Understand everyone's role on an Opportunity so you can approach the right people in the right way.

Keep track of details & communication

Connect every email, call note, file such as PDFs or estimates so everything is in one place and you can pick up where you left off.

Remember to follow up

Don't let leads slip through the cracks. Daylite helps you stick to your process by reminding you when you need to follow up so you don't leave business on the table.

Pull new business out of your inbox

If you forget to follow up on an email, you're letting new deals slip away. Create an Opportunity in Daylite straight from Apple Mail and make sure no lead is left behind.

Seamless hand-offs

Don't lose out on deals when switching between teams. Assign follow ups to other people so you have a smooth transition from prospects to your sales team.

Prioritize the right deals

Don't waste time on deals that aren't the right fit. Prioritize sales that fit your business best. Segment your deals by size, probability, or other criteria to focus on what’s most important to your business.

Know what's working

Daylite allows you to dig into your data to gain insights into your deals. With Win/Loss reports and Insight View, you can identify what’s working and what’s not working to drive new business.

Streamline your sales process for everyone

Streamline your sales process and make sure everyone knows who should be doing what, and by when. Daylite helps you define and refine your processes so everyone is up to speed faster and closes deals sooner. Say goodbye to intricate processes, giving you time and money back.

"We used to lose track of some prospects. If they were slow or lengthy sales processes they would disappear. Now we follow up on every one even if we don’t hear from them for a while."

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