The Billings Pro Partner Certification Program is an online training program that provides interactive leader-led instruction on Billings Pro. This 1.5 hour session is divided up into 12 learning modules and is designed to lead students through a logical process for understanding all aspects of the operational functionality as well as configurable options of Billings Pro. This program is a prerequisite to becoming a Billings Pro Partner. Each session can be reviewed as many times as a student would like for up to one year from registration allowing for continued retention of materials as well a review resource.

Introduction to Billings Pro

  • Getting a basic understanding of Billings Pro.
  • Comprehending the overall Billings Pro workflow.
  • Establishing the appropriate knowledge of Billings Pro system requirements.

Installing Billings Pro Server Admin

  • Billings Pro Server installation.
  • Configuring the initial server set up.
  • Defining the connected workers and their capabilities.
  • Identifying and setting up the server panes for custom configuration.

Installing Billings Pro

  • Billings Pro Client installation.
  • Initial server connection and final configuration options.
  • Navigation and interface understanding.

Installing Billings Pro Touch

  • Installing the Touch Client application on mobile devices.
  • Setting up the connection to Billings Pro Touch server.
  • Defining the connection settings.


  • Defining timecard and its capabilities.
  • Understanding how timecard works.
  • Connecting to Switchboard.
  • Creating slips.

Editing, Approving, and Invoicing

  • Understanding the approval process.
  • Finding slips to approve.
  • How to modify a slip.
  • Smart-filters and the approval process.
  • Creating and sending invoices.

Customizing Billings Pro Invoices

  • Modifying a default invoice.
  • How to add and remove items to an invoice.
  • Making custom invoices appear as selectable options.

Key Differences

  • Being able to identify the key differences between Billings Pro and Billings.
  • Understanding the Billings Pro options for appropriate consultation.
  • Clearly defining the key product strengths.

Billings for Multiple Workers

  • Defining the process for creating a multiple worker workflow.
  • How to set up multiple workers.
  • Understanding who has permission to do what inside of Billing Pro.

A Basic Walkthrough of Billings Pro

  • Opportunity to create a Billings Pro environment via instructor-led steps.
  • Reconfirming the process of installation configuration.
  • Re-establishing the concepts and workflow objectives of Billings Pro.


  • Understanding how to create a compatibility workflow with Daylite.
  • Knowing what options are available for integration in an established work environment.


  • Common troubleshooting issues
  • Procedures, processes and best practices.
  • Defining the office champion.