Daylite T3: Train- the Trainer program

This two-day intensive training program is the final step in your Daylite certification track. It will equip you with all the skills necessary to teach your own Daylite 101 training course to end-users. Train the Trainer will teach you how to take your existing expert knowledge of Daylite and transform it into tools to become a 'top notch' learning facilitator. From understanding the learning process, to working with different adult learning styles, to presentation skills, your instruction is based on industry standard models for effectively teaching individuals.

Daylite On-line Partner Training and passing the Certification Exams.

Day 1 AM
The Classroom Experience

  • Techniques to increase interest, motivation, accountability, and learning
  • Recognize the phases of group development
  • Manage classroom conflict
  • The feed-back model
  • Refocusing problem groups
  • Making the classroom fun and engaging

Lesson Techniques

  • Optimizing your message
  • Design ideas that enhance your content
  • Delivery Best Practices
  • Defining the purpose of your lesson
  • Setting Behavioural objectives
  • Using visual aids effectively

Day 1 PM
Understanding Learning Styles

  • Key principles and processes of adult learning
  • About you as the adult learner
    • Trainer competencies
    • Personal learning goals
    • Value Clarification
  • Factors outside the learner
    • Environment
    • Experimental learning approaches
  • Factors within the learner
    • Learning styles
    • Motivation

The Needs Assessment

  • Identify factors that affect performance
  • Develop a needs assessment strategy
  • Data collection methods

Day 2 AM
Practice Teaching

  • Apply theory from previous day and demonstrate best practices
  • Practice delivery for your class to receive constructive feedback from peers and trainer
  • Demonstrate appropriate use of visual aids
  • Watch your presentation on video to solidify your skills

Day 2 PM
How to Sell Training

  • How to discover a need
  • Learn to sell training outcomes
  • Define the benefits of training
  • Presenting the different resources
  • Understand how to overcome objections