This course features an on demand, online training program, using interactive, leader-led HD tutorial videos. Divided up into 13 lessons over nearly 5 hours, the program takes partners through the entire implementation process, from start to finish. Each student has the option of a ten minute iChat screen-sharing session, phone call or email exchange with an Apple Certified Trainer to followup and ensure learning goals have been met. A companion workbook is also provided. This training program is a pre-requisite before taking the Daylite Certification exam. Online videos are available to you for one year after signing up for the course.

Technical Planning

  • integrating into existing server infrastructure
  • licensing issues
  • considering networking requirements

Understanding Your Client's Needs

  • identifying who to target interviews with
  • understanding what challenges you needs to solve
  • how to ask effective questions
  • example questions for typical organization structures

Concepts Behind Daylite

  • using objective containers to structure database
  • understanding linking to define ones network of contacts and organizations
  • the benefits of server, DMI and Touch

Configuring Daylite

  • guidelines for using interview data to translate into daylite features
  • defining categories, keywords, labels, org types, regions, industries, labels, default values
  • examples and ideas for how to choose what options are appropriate
  • setting up users, teams and visibility presets

Presenting Your Solution

  • clearly defining presentation objectives
  • understanding presentation types and delivery modes to support them
  • engaging your audience and dealing with audience feedback


  • networking 101
  • os x server admin naming, DNS and firewall configuration
  • router configuration
  • backup strategies
  • daylite server installation, touch configuration and security measures

Importing and Converting Data

  • from iCal / Addressbook
  • from generic CSV, mapping relational tables
  • from 3rd party sources
  • migration from 3.8

Interface Basics

  • simplifying for new users
  • methods for linking items together
  • DMI configuration
  • workflow examples

Organizing Your Data

  • filtering, searching
  • smart lists

Improving Operations

  • corresponding using email merge, direct mail, merging for word/pages, printing labels
  • creating and using forms for sales scripts, projects
  • managing sales including using pipelines, reports, smart lists
  • project tracking including using activity sets, task timersv


  • offline mode
  • sync services
  • touch sync
  • potential issues

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

  • general mac maintenance tips
  • backing up
  • upgrade procedures
  • common troubleshooting issues

Refining Daylite

  • client follow up suggestions
  • concepts of reports and understanding report engine interface
  • introducing options for extending daylite using connectors, custom HUD widgets, XML leads

Total Running Time: 5:01