Saying Goodbye To Daylite Self-Serve FAQ

Implications of Staying on Self-Serve

How long will Daylite Self-Serve be supported?

We will be providing technical support for Daylite 6 Self-Serve on 10.13 and iOS 11 until February 28, 2019.

What happens when new versions of iOS and Mac OS come out?

Every year when Apple releases a new version of iOS or Mac OS, there is always development work needed to make Daylite compatible. We will no longer be updating Daylite Self-Serve, so if you cannot move to Daylite Cloud, we recommend you avoid updating your iOS and Mac OS as macOS Mojave is not supported.

What happens when I purchase a new Mac or iPhone/iPad after Apple's next OS update?

Daylite 6 Self-Serve is not be compatible with macOS Mojave. To use Daylite on a new Mac or iPhone/iPad above macOS High Sierra you'll need to move to Daylite Cloud.

Will you still sell new Daylite Self-Serve licenses?

We will not be selling Daylite Self-Serve licenses for new databases. If you need to buy additional licenses for new team members while Daylite Self-Serve is still supported, please contact us.

Privacy/ Security

Have you considered privacy and security implications for customers?

Yes, privacy and security are high priorities for us and we are aware they are concerns for many customers. We take vast security measures to make sure your data is secure.

The security precautions we take are far more advanced than those of most Self-Serve setups. While some customers feel their self-hosted database is more secure because they are a small company, this is not true. We encourage you to research data security to compare your self-hosted server to our Daylite Cloud security measures.

If you have specific questions about security, you can contact us at

We understand privacy is also a concern. As a Canadian company, we have to adhere to Canadian privacy laws.

If you have specific questions about privacy you can contact us at

Is Marketcircle PIPEDA compliant?


What about GDPR?

Yes, for more information please refer to our GDPR page.

Can you provide a Data Processing Agreement for European customers?

Yes, please email

Is Marketcircle HIPAA compliant?

We are currently reviewing HIPAA compliance.

Data Ownership

Once I move to Daylite Cloud am I locked in or can I get my data out?

You can export a full copy of your data out of Daylite Cloud by using the Database Export feature.

Pricing/ Affordability

How much does Daylite Cloud cost?

For information about Daylite Cloud pricing, visit our pricing page.

I just bought a Daylite 6 license. Is there any special pricing for moving to Daylite Cloud?

If you bought a license 12 months prior to your migration date, we will pro rate your license purchase. For any other pricing related questions, please visit our pricing page or contact us.

What happens if I stop paying for Daylite Cloud? Can I still access my data?

If you decide to no longer pay for Daylite, you will be able to export all your data.

Daylite Cloud seems to be more expensive than Daylite Self-Serve, is this true?

Daylite Cloud is initially less expensive than Daylite Self-Serve when taking all costs of running your own server 24/7, hardware to run the Server on, IT costs, data storage etc. Many customers have remarked on how much Daylite Cloud has saved them monetarily by not having to pay for the additional costs of Daylite Self-Serve. A Daylite Cloud subscription also includes duplicate copies on our servers, data storage managed by our professional team and always being on the newest version of Daylite.

Cost of Self-Serve Daylite Cloud Subscription
Hardware to host the server Included
Off-site backups Included
Catastrophic event (eg. server meltdown) Included
IT cost to manage servers Included
Cost of upgrade to new versions Included

"In terms of hard dollars, Daylite Cloud may be a bit more expensive to run in the cloud but, there is no question that the time saved managing the server and data security more than makes up for it."

– Douglas, Manhattan Shade & Glass

Moving to Cloud

How do I move to Daylite Cloud?

Visit this page to start your move to Daylite Cloud.

You've told me I can't migrate to cloud.

We have made improvements on the migration process to Daylite Cloud and have tried to reach out to everyone who had expressed interest in migrating previously but were unable to. If you still have not heard from us please contact us and we would be happy to look into your situation further.

Is there a trial period for Cloud if moving from Self-Serve?

There is no trial period when migrating to Daylite Cloud. Once your migration to Daylite Cloud is finished you would then start your payment cycle.

What's involved in moving to Cloud?

To move to Daylite Cloud, go to this page and create your Daylite Cloud account. Follow the instructions as you're guided through the steps to upload your database to the cloud. After your data has been safely moved to the cloud, you’ll be directed to invite your other team members if applicable and enter in your payment details.

How much storage is included?

Each Daylite Cloud account gets 100GB of storage. If you need to add additional storage, you can contact us to purchase more.

About Daylite Cloud

Is Daylite Cloud a web app?

Daylite Cloud is not a web app. It is still the Mac, iPhone, and iPad app that lets you work offline, with the convenience of syncing in the Cloud so you don't have to manage the server.

Why is Daylite Mail for the iPhone and iPad only available in Daylite Cloud?

There are technical limitations with implementing these features with Daylite Self-Serve the way it is currently coded. More information about why some features are exclusive to Daylite Cloud is explained here.

What happens with my old Daylite Self-Serve backups?

Your backups are still available and you would be able to restore to this backup in Daylite Server Admin, however any data added to Daylite Cloud since the backup was created would not be available in this backup.

If I delete something in Daylite Cloud how do I recover without a backup?

Daylite stores all People, Companies, Projects, Opportunities, Groups, Tasks, Appointments, Forms, Email, Notes, and Files in the Daylite Trash. This way if something is deleted accidentally it can be restored, as long as you haven't cleared the trash. Please follow the steps here to restore from the trash.

I have 2 different Self Serve databases that I toggle between. Will I be able to continue to have 2 separate databases in Daylite Cloud? Will I have to pay for both?

We strongly recommend you use only one database, however if you decide to use more than one database you would need to subscribe to both accounts. Databases cannot be merged and it is not easy to swap accounts on iOS. You cannot use the same email address as the admin for more than one Daylite Cloud database, you'll need a different email address for each admin on the account. If you have questions about this, please contact us.

Are there any add-/plugins that are only available on Self-Serve?

Our pre-Cloud API is a client side API which still works with Daylite Cloud. All plug-ins created this way should be compatible with Daylite Cloud, to be safe we suggest to contact the developer of the plugin you are currently using.

How can I get my data out of Daylite?

You can export a full copy of your data out of Daylite Cloud by using the Database Export feature.

What is Email On Demand?

Email On Demand reduces the size of your offline database stored on your Mac, iPhone and iPad by gving Daylite the ability to download only the emails you want to have on your device, instead of having all your emails, regardless if you need them, during log in. For more questions about Email On Demand, visit this help article.