Daylite small business CRM

Get more done with Daylite.

A business productivity app for busy entrepreneurs and teams.

Exclusively for the Mac, iPhone & iPad.

Disconnected mess, meet organization.

Running a small business can be pure chaos. You have customers to follow up with, deals to close, projects to complete, meetings to schedule, and a million other things to do. Daylite helps you manage your customers, sales opportunities, projects, schedule, emails, and more–all in one app. It takes all that chaos and makes it clean, organized, and streamlined. You save time, accomplish more, and work happier.

Testimonial from George at Create DM
"Daylite is great at taking unnecessary distractions away so you can focus on doing a better job. I can confidently say that Daylite has made us a better business."
- George, Create DM
Offline Data with Daylite

See the full picture

Do more than store data. Connect it to what matters. Link people together to see relationships between contacts such as referrals, spouses, or their boss. Link notes and appointments to your projects, or your emails and appointments to your contacts, so you have a full history of interactions in one place.

Made for growing businesses like yours.

As you grow your business, Daylite grows with you. Whether you’re an ambitious individual, a lean and mean team, or even a “big” small business, Daylite can help you stay organized and efficient.


Work smarter with everything under one roof.

  • Customer Relationships

    View a timeline of all communication–emails, calls, appointments, and more. Automate follow ups. Link people together to track referrals.
  • Scheduling

    View your whole team’s calendar. Schedule appointments from anywhere. Link notes and emails to meetings so you’re always prepared.
  • Email Integration

    Save emails in Daylite and link them to customers, projects, appointments, and more. Schedule meetings and create tasks in Daylite right from Apple Mail.
  • Task Management

    Get more done. Prioritize your day. Create tasks on the go. Delegate tasks to team members. Set reminders so nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Project Management

    Plan and prioritize projects with your whole team. Track projects with simple pipelines. Link emails, notes, people, and more to your projects.
  • Sales Opportunities

    Capture every lead and attach a price tag. Automate next steps to push the deal forward. Review sales reports to know what’s happening.
  • Teamwork

    Share contacts, emails, and more with your whole team. Delegate tasks. View your team’s schedules and task lists. Share projects and sales opportunities.
  • Work Anywhere

    Access your info anywhere, anytime. Sync your Mac, iPhone & iPad. Connect with your team’s Apple devices. Even work without Internet.
  • Add-ons

    Integrate Daylite with other apps for mail blasts, web forms, accounting, phone systems, and more.

What makes Daylite different?

Offline Data with Daylite

Offline Data

Access your business info even when you don’t have Internet. As soon as you get an Internet connection, Daylite syncs your Mac, iPhone, and iPad as well as your team’s Apple devices.

Made for Apple Devices

Take advantage of the Mac, iPhone, and iPad with integrations with Apple Contacts & Calendar, Notification Centre, Siri, and Apple Mail.

Customizable CRM


Work the way you want. Customize Daylite to fit your unique business. There’s no right or wrong way to work. Use as much or as little of the app as you need.

Productivity Focused.

Accomplish more. Daylite was specifically designed to help small businesses be more efficient. With Daylite your processes are streamlined and your mind is free from all the clutter.

Testimonial from Adam at Liquid Reality
"I cannot stress enough how much Daylite has changed the way I work. It took me from a reactive stance to a proactive stance for the first time in 18 years.”
- Adam, Liquid Reality

Free Training. 5 Star Support.

Get the help and training you need to take your business to new heights with Daylite. Learn Daylite at your own pace with our online Free Daylite Training Courses. Have questions? Visit our Help Centre to find support articles and to contact our support team via email or Live Chat during regular business hours (9am-5pm Eastern Time). We also have a world-wide network of Marketcircle Experts that can help with custom implementations and one-on-one training

Testimonial from Felix at Motion Tactical
“Working in the financial industry, I’ve learned that the number one priority is customer service. If I had to give Marketcircle support a rating from 1-10, I would give them 150!”
- Felix, MotionTactical

Trusted by thousands of businesses in 100+ countries.

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