Daylite for Small Business Calendar
Daylite for Small Business Calendar

Daylite, The Calendar App for Busy People and Teams.

Exclusively for the Mac, iPhone & iPad.

Stay on top of your schedule anytime, anywhere.

Connect people, emails, notes & more to your appointments.

Share calendars with your team.

Why use Daylite as your calendar app?

Have a crazy, busy schedule? Daylite helps you keep on top of your day no matter how chaotic your schedule gets. Daylite organizes your appointments, people, tasks, projects, and more –all in one place. So you can keep track of your meetings, important deadlines, and manage your whole team’s schedule in one app. Daylite was made to help small businesses be more productive. If your schedule is too busy to read this, Daylite was built for you.

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More than just a calendar app.

Appointments are more than just a block of time. There’s people you meet with, things discussed, and actions that need to take place before and after. Daylite is more than just a calendar app. It connects your appointments to all the other pieces of your business with its powerful linking feature. You can link your teammates, clients, notes, emails, projects, tasks, documents, and more to any appointment. So you can quickly pull up your recent emails with a client before heading into a meeting with them. Or take notes during a meeting and save them to a project that your whole team can refer back to. Or even pull up a linked document during a meeting with your team. The possibilities are endless.

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Testimonial from Jordan at Boss Audio Systems

“We could immediately see Daylite’s intuitiveness and how comprehensive it is. Daylite is not just a database, a productivity manager or a calendar, it’s all of this and more.”

- Jordan, Boss Audio Systems

Always be prepared.

Don’t get caught off guard. Stay on top of your day no matter where you are. View your appointments and tasks for today and the next seven days from the Home Screen on your Mac. Swipe to check upcoming appointments in Notifications on your iPhone and iPad. Daylite keeps you prepared for what’s ahead.

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Testimonial from Larry at The Roots Agency

“Instead of having to dig out each day, I can see the performances happening today and tommororw because Daylite has simplified that for us.”

- Larry, The Roots Agency

A calendar app that integrates with Apple Mail.

Schedule appointments right from an email. Daylite Mail Assistant puts Daylite right beside your Apple Mail window so you can add an appointment in your Daylite calendar without leaving Mail. Just click to add an appointment, fill in the details and it’s saved in Daylite. .The email will be linked to the appointment in Daylite and you can even link files to it such as photos or documents. From the appointment, you can jump to the email and review the details so you’re prepared.

Learn how to use Daylite Mail Assistant 

Make planning easy.

View your calendar by day, week, month, or by year. Colour indicators on the year view show you at-a-glance how busy you are. Days with nothing planned appear white, some things booked show as yellow and very busy days are red. The mini calendar in the sidebar let’s you quickly check your schedule while working in another area of the app. Easily plan out your schedule by dragging and dropping appointments onto the mini calendar.

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View your whole team’s calendar.

Know where everyone is and where they need to be. Daylite lets you view your own calendar as well as your team’s. Select multiple people and check their schedules all in one view. Or quickly view a whole group of people’s schedules like a Sales Team. Daylite makes it easy to see everyone’s availability so you can schedule appointments with your team without switching between calendars. You can quickly invite a whole team to a meeting without having to add each individual person. And you can avoid double-booking because Daylite will alert you if you try to add someone that already has a meeting scheduled.

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Testimonial from Kevin at Toronto Don Valley Hotel

“Before scheduling a meeting with someone, you can see if they already have something on the go or if the meeting room you want to use is available.”

- Kevin, Toronto Don Valley Hotel

Save specific calendar views.

Need to quickly see all your upcoming on-site appointments? Or check all the appointments that have a certain meeting room booked? With Daylite you can quickly jump to a specific calendar view using Smart Lists. Just filter your calendar for whatever appointments you want to see and then save your filter as a Smart List. You can filter your calendar for things like vacations, meetings with a specific client, or appointments with a specific resource booked. Just click on your Smart List and only see the appointments you need.

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Send meeting invitations and updates.

When you invite someone on your team to a meeting, Daylite will alert your teammate so they can accept or decline. Once they respond, you’ll get a notification so you know if they can make it or not. Can’t make a meeting? Just choose “Decline” and write them a note for why you can’t make it. You can also choose to send an alert to a teammate when you change the time of a meeting. Daylite syncs with all your team’s devices so you can schedule a meeting while on the road from your iPhone and iPad. As soon as you connect to WiFi, your teammate will get a notification on their Mac.

Stay on top of important due dates.

View projects and tasks in your calendar. Daylite let’s you customize your calendar so you can see what you need and hide what you don’t. Need to see all sales opportunities with forecasted close dates this week? Or view all your project due dates this month? No problem. You can even choose to view upcoming birthdays and anniversaries.

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A calendar app for your business and personal life.

Keep personal appointments private. Just change the appointment from public to private. Private appointments show that you’re busy but will only allow you to see the details. Have a shared family calendar in Apple Calendar? Subscribe to other calendars to see your family appointments in your Daylite calendar so it’s all in one place.

Learn how to subscribe to an external calendar 

Testimonial from Ari at Core Music Agency

“I like how you can make certain appointments “private” or “public” - I used to use Apple Calendar for all my personal appointments, events, bill notifications, etc, and now I input everything into Daylite. If I want to keep it to myself, I just set it to private. This way I’m able to use Daylite for both my work and personal life.”

- Ari, Core Music Agency

Time zone support for frequent travellers.

Need a calendar app that can keep up with you while you travel? Daylite has time zone support so as you travel your calendar updates for the time zone you’re in. You can also choose to use floating appointments if you travel regularly and want your calendar to stay on your regular work schedule instead of updating based on your time zone.

A calendar app that grows with you.

Daylite was built to help small businesses grow. It helps you organize your schedule and everyday to-dos so you’re more efficient with your time. Start using it for your calendar and to-dos, then as you grow you can use it for projects and sales opportunities. You can use as much or as little as you need. Use it on your own or with a team and add people as your team expands. Daylite is flexible so you can customize it to fit your unique business and keep using it as business booms.

Testimonial from Rahim at Byron Soccer Club

“At the beginning I was simply using Daylite for contacts, the calendar, and tasks. It changes the way you do things. I certainly encourage people to explore the program. Since Daylite, I have become a lot more efficient and a lot more effective in terms of the work I’ve been able to put out. ”

- Rahim, Byron Soccer Club

Add-ons to super-charge your calendar app.

Subscribe to your Calendar or Google Calendar to view personal appointments in Daylite. Use Fantastical to add appointments in your Daylite calendar just by typing “meeting Dave tomorrow for lunch at Starbucks.” Share your appointments with people outside of Daylite with CalendarPublisher. There’s lots of add-ons that integrate with Daylite to make managing your schedule easier.

Join the thousands of small businesses that use Daylite as their #1 calendar app.

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