Daylite for Email Management
Daylite for Email Management

Overloaded Inbox, Meet Daylite Mail Assistant.

Action your emails right from Apple Mail.

Link emails to relevant people, projects, and more.

Schedule meetings in your Daylite calendar without leaving Apple Mail.

Share important emails with your team without cc'ing or forwarding.

Why use Daylite for email management?

Emails are an essential part of everyday business. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend the majority of your day in your inbox. Daylite along with Daylite Mail Assistant helps you process your emails faster, while making it easy to find them later. Daylite Mail Assistant integrates with Apple Mail putting Daylite right next to your Apple Mail window. So from an email you can create a new contact in Daylite or schedule an appointment in your calendar – all without having to leave the Mail app.

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Smart email organization.

Connect your emails to what matters. When an email comes in you can link it to a client in Daylite in one click. Daylite Mail Assistant will even scan your Daylite database and suggest a contact, project, or sales opportunity to link it to. This way all your emails are saved where you need them. And you can link a single email to multiple things such as a contact and a sales opportunity.

Testimonial from Greg at The Productivity DJ

“When an email comes in I can immediately link that email to a project or create a to do. I’m able to process my emails right within Mail and do all the work without leaving the Mail app. I can achieve Inbox Zero and have all the information saved in Daylite without having to actually go into Daylite to do it."

- Greg, The Productivity DJ

Do more from your inbox.

Get an email about a new lead? Create a new sales opportunity or a new contact in Daylite right from the email. Schedule appointments in your Daylite calendar right from an email. Even create a task and assign a due date for next week from an email so you can get it out of your inbox. With Daylite Mail Assistant you can create people, appointments, projects, and more – all within Apple Mail. Instead of wasting time switching between apps, it’s all done in the Mail app.

Learn how to use Daylite Mail Assistant 

Testimonial from Steve at Cambridge Management Sciences

“Our starting point is Daylite Mail Assistant. Most of our work is driven by email so the workflow now is all driven by the inbox with the Daylite Mail Assistant pane alongside. From an email we decide what action needs to be taken, whether it’s book an appointment, create a task, delegate a task, or create an opportunity.”

- Steve, Cambridge Management Sciences

View a timeline of emails all in one place.

Need to review your last few emails with someone? Daylite saves all your emails for a specific contact, project, or sales opportunity all in one place. From the contact or project in Daylite, you can see a timeline of all the emails as well as appointments, tasks, and notes.

email timelines screenshot
Testimonial from Bob at Comedy in Motion

“The first thing I love about Daylite is Daylite Mail Assistant so I can click on any client and see all the emails in one place. It’s immensely helpful. I deal with hundreds of clients that I can’t remember so this way I can review the last few emails and refresh my mind before talking to a client.”

- Bob, Comedy in Motion

Save email attachments.

Save more than just an email. With Daylite Mail Assistant on your Mac you can save important attachments for people, companies, projects, tasks, and appointments. In one click you can link a file to a client or a sales opportunity. This makes it easy to find an email attachment even when you're on the road from your iPhone or iPad.

Access important emails on the go.

Need to check the details of an email while on the road? Daylite syncs your Mac, iPhone and iPad so the recent emails stored in Daylite can be pulled up on your iPhone or iPad. Refresh your memory before heading into an on-site meeting with a client, or check an email about a project while you’re out of the office.

Testimonial from Billy at Kidbilly Music

“It’s been life changing having access to saved e-mails in Daylite on my iPhone when I’m on the road.”

- Billy, Kidbilly Music

Testimonial from Gina at Mortgage Alliance West

“By using the delegation feature in Daylite, I’ve been able to dramatically cut down the volume of e-mails with my assistant. I no longer spend hours looking for e-mails since they are all indexed to the client.”

- Gina, Mortgage Alliance West

Update info in Daylite right from an email.

Get an email from a customer that they’ve moved? Update their address in Daylite right from the email. Daylite Mail Assistant lets you edit details within Apple Mail so you don’t have to switch between apps to keep your Daylite database up-to-date.

Search email content.

Looking for a specific email? Just type a word or phrase into the Search bar and Daylite will search the title and content of the email. Within the Activity View of a client, sales opportunity or project, you can filter to just see emails or attachments in an email. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it quickly in Daylite.

Save time with email Letter Templates.

Create Letter Templates for routine emails. Have specific follow up emails you send after an initial client meeting? Or contracts that need to be emailed when you confirm a new deal? Create as many Letter Templates as you need so you just need to choose the template, the person it’s for, and send. You can even send Letter Templates to multiple people at once using the Mail Merge feature.

Email letter templates screenshot
Testimonial from Keith at Souza Financial Group

“I use letter templates in Daylite to email clients a follow up and touch on the points we discussed in a meeting. I use the template to pull the contact and date details and then personalize it by adding in other details.”

- Keith, Souza Financial Group

Add-ons for advanced email management.

Send mass email campaigns to contacts in Daylite with MailChimp Connector or Direct Mail. Send tasks and appointments via email to people outside Daylite using ProductivityTools. Daylite has multiple add-ons that make managing email easier.

Join the thousands of small businesses that trust Daylite for better email management.

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