Work from anywhere with Daylite
Work from anywhere with Daylite

Daylite. The Business App
For People On The Go.

Work anywhere, anytime.

Work on the go

Keep your Mac, iPhone & iPad in sync

Work Internet-free

Get the benefits of an offline app.

Unlike web-apps that require an Internet browser, Daylite is an offline app that saves information right on your Mac, iPhone and iPad. It works even when you don’t have an Internet connection so you can keep working from any Apple device. As soon as you get an Internet connection, Daylite seamlessly syncs your Mac, iPhone, and iPad to keep you up-to-date.

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Smooth sailing.

Navigate through Daylite quickly and easily. Don’t waste time waiting for web pages to load or figuring out which tab you need to jump back to. With Daylite you can jump to the info you need right away.

Testimonial from Andy at Astek
“I’ve done a lot of research on other Mac CRMs including web-based CRMs. The desktop app is so much quicker, fluid and more reliable than a web based interface”
- Andy, Astek
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Work Internet-free.

Don’t get stuck relying on an Internet browser. With Daylite as your business app, all your important info is stored right on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. So whether you’re on a plane or at the office when the Internet goes down, you still have access to the important information you need.

Testimonial from Neil at Tyra Law Firm
“I have my entire practice with me wherever I go. I can operate virtually from a place with or without an internet connection.”
- Neil, The Tyra Law Firm
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Take your business with you.

Always on the go? No problem. Daylite is more than just a Mac app. With Daylite on your iPhone and iPad you can capture new leads or check up on a business opportunity from literally anywhere. All your important business information is right there in your pocket.

Testimonial from Katy at The Bridge Team
“Daylite for iOS is great! When we’re not at the computer we can still have access at our fingertips to our client and vendor contact information, calendars and projects.”
- Katy, The Bridge Team
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Switch between devices.

Keep your Mac, iPhone, and iPad in sync. Start working on your iPhone while you’re on the go. Finish up on your Mac when you’re back at the office. Daylite seamlessly syncs your Mac, iPhone, and iPad over the Internet so you can keep working no matter what Apple device you have in your hand.

Testimonial from Francis Zera
“If I’m out running errands and remember I need to call a client, I can create a task while in the grocery store and by the time I get home and turn on Daylite, there’s my reminder.”
- Francis Zera, Zera Photography
switch between devices

Stay connected. Even when you’re apart.

Working remotely as a team? Keep everyone in the loop no matter where they are. Daylite syncs with your team’s Apple devices over the Internet so while you’re working on your iPad in London, your team is kept updated on their Macs in New York.

Testimonial from Jordan at Designate Strategic Marketing
“I love the fact that, If I’m in a meeting in Glasgow I can delegate a follow-up task to the Edinburgh office and it immediately goes into their to-do list. It’s sometimes done by the time I’m done my meeting.”
- Jordan, Designate Strategic Marketing
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