Daylite for Sales Tracking
Daylite for Sales Tracking

Daylite, Sales Tracking for Small Teams with Big Dreams.

Manage more leads. Close more deals.

Track every call, meeting, and email in one place

Manage sales anywhere from your Mac, iPhone & iPad

Run reports and increase revenue

Why use Daylite for sales tracking?

You want to increase sales and grow your business. You need a trusted system to make sure you don’t miss out on leads. But not all sales software is created equal. Some sales tracking software is rigid and a pain to use. Daylite is different because it’s simple, flexible, and designed for small businesses. It helps you put fool-proof processes in place so you can manage more leads without anything slipping through the cracks.

Testimonial from Jean at Shared Vision

“Daylite has helped us grow and manage our lead and sales pipeline. It’s allowed us to communicate more effectively with clients. We can now manage our sales pipeline better and close more deals.”

- Jean, Shared Vision

All the details of a sale. All in one place.

Remember every detail of a business opportunity without wracking your brain. Daylite’s powerful Linking feature organizes everything about a sales opportunity in one view. See a timeline of all the emails, calls, and notes. You can even see future appointments and follow ups. Right before a call, you can quickly review your notes from the last meeting. You save time and look like a rockstar when it comes to remembering things.

customers details

Avoid dropping the ball.

Be proactive about closing your sales. Automate follow ups using Daylite’s Activity Set feature. Customize how many days you want between each follow up and what time of day you want to be reminded. Daylite reminds you when to touch base so you don’t miss out on potential sales.

Learn how to use Activity Sets 

Testimonial from Steve at Activity Sets

“Daylite helps us to focus on our sales and opportunities in a way we couldn’t before. We used to lose track of some prospects. Now we follow up on every one even if we don’t hear from them for a while.”

- Steve, Cambridge Management Sciences

Sales software that integrates with Apple Mail.

Capture leads in Daylite right from your inbox. Daylite integrates with Apple Mail so while you check your emails you can create opportunities in Daylite, schedule follow ups, and link emails to a sale. Daylite Mail Assistant let’s you take action from an email without ever leaving your Apple Mail window.

Learn how to use Daylite Mail Assistant 

Track your opportunities with simple sales pipelines.

Customize your own sales tracking pipelines to fit your unique business. See what stage each sales opportunity is in. Know what needs to be done next. You can create as many different sales pipelines as you need. Even add steps to your sales pipeline on the fly for those special cases.

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Stay on top of leads anywhere, anytime.

Access your sales tracking app wherever you go. Whether you’re on the road or stuck without Internet, you can access your sales info in Daylite. All your info is stored right on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad so it’s always with you. As soon as you get a Wifi connection, Daylite seamlessly syncs between all you and your team’s Apple devices. Everyone is kept up-to-date and you can capture leads no matter where you are.

Smart sales software. Smart lists.

Create auto-updating follow-up lists. Filter all your sales opportunities by stage or forecasted close date. Then save the list as an auto-updating Smart List for a quick dashboard of who to contact to keep the process moving. Create as many as you need to quickly jump to your list of prospects. Smart Lists save you time and help you move each deal forward.

smart lists screenshot

Testimonial from Tom at Western Sales

“Daylite is worth two sales people to us (a group of 15) because it helps to get things done faster without spending extra money. Daylite works so well for our business that it almost looks like it is custom built for us!”

- Tom, Western Sales

Know how much each sale is worth.

Attach a price tag to each sales opportunity. Create an estimate right within the Opportunity. Send it to the client or just use it internally to help forecast sales and prioritize your leads. Use this estimate to help forecast sales and prioritize your leads. Increase revenue by focusing on the deals that make you the big bucks.

smart lists screenshot

Testimonial from Timothy at McNeely Financial Strategies

“Daylite has helped me grow my practice by allowing me to keep track of all the opportunities that present themselves. I’m able to enter in prospects, keep track of estimate revenues, and add clarity to what opportunities I should be going after.”

- Timothy, McNeely Financial Strategies

Spot trends in your sales cycle.

Get the stats you need to make informed decisions. Daylite’s Insight View displays your sales opportunities in interactive graphs. Quickly asses your sales over a period of time. Filter your sales by time frame, type, and more to dig deeper. Save a specific view as a Smart List to jump back to that view anytime.

sales cycle trends screenshot

Run simple sales reports.

Get a snap shot of your sales opportunities. Daylite has multiple sales reports that help you analyze your business opportunities. Just choose a date range and get break down of all your opportunities by type, worth, team member, and more. Know who’s bringing in the big bucks. Compare your won and lost opportunities. Learn how to improve your sales process.

Daylite add-ons for advanced sales tracking.

Create custom reports for you and your sales team with ReportSuite. Use GeoFind to help you find all your customers close to you when you’re on the road. Import leads right into Daylite from lead generation forms on your website using WuFoo Connector. Link calls and call notes to an opportunity in Daylite directly from the call window using FoneConnector. Daylite has many add-ons to help make sales tracking easier for your business.

Join the thousands of small businesses that use Daylite for sales-tracking.

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