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Jim Jordan Photography/ White Cross Productions

Los Angeles & New York

Jim Jordan photographs for advertising campaigns, fashion editorials and celebrities. His work can be seen in such magazines as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, Marie Claire, and J. Crew to name a few. He shoots celebrities such as Leonardo Di’Caprio, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Drew Berrymore, Etc.

What do you use Daylite for?

I use Daylite as a way to keep track of my clients and potential clients by creating projects and using the progress and activity tabs to keep me informed and up to date with information and day-to-day projects. I also use it as an informational tool for past clients and projects and link each project to the clients, production crew and models that are involved in a shoot so that I can have easier and instant access to information.

What's your favourite thing about Daylite Touch?

Being able to have instant access to my database that is constantly syncing with my computers at home and office to keep me up to date with changes. It helps keep me on track with scheduling and clients at all times.

How has Daylite Touch improved your workflow?

It has improved my workflow because I used to have different databases that were specialized for different portions and functions to my business and Daylite consolidates all of those functions into one, making my business more successful in its workflow. We did extensive research before we decided to go with Daylite, and found Daylite to be the best database out there.

Which features do you find most useful to you and your business?

Being able to create tasks to track correspondence is one of the most useful features in Daylite, you can set the status, location, category, and due date as well as link that task to an organization or person for follow up at a later time with portfolios or photoshoots. Another very useful feature is the use of forms and page layouts; I use them as a checklist for tasks that need to be completed during a production or photo shoot. I simply add the contacts to a form and it automatically generates an invoice or page with their information.

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