Learn how to get the most out of Daylite with an instructor-led training course.

Whether you're new to Daylite or have been using it for a while, you can benefit greatly from this course.

It takes a bit of time to learn a new system, and people learn in different ways. Some by seeing, others by reading, and almost everyone learns by doing. With the Daylite 101 course, you will learn using all of these methods to get the most effective training possible.

If you've recently switched to Macs then you know that your staff is already having to learn a new operating system. Thankfully they are learning the best and most intuitive operating system ever made, Mac OS X. Still, these things take time and users can be overwhelmed, especially when they are trying to do their day to day tasks at the same time.

Some quick points about the course:

  • Marketcircle approved curriculum
  • Instructor led course
  • Workbook with exercises
  • Multiple learning styles (audio, visual, tactile etc)
  • Immediate productivity gains with fully trained staff
  • Daylite certificate issued upon completion
  • Great addition to your resume

Daylite is quickly becoming the default business collaboration tool in Mac-based businesses. Learning the ins & outs of this software can increase your chances of landing a job at a Mac-based company.

Mixed classes are available for individuals which makes for a great networking environment. Larger companies may want to check with their trainer about on-site or exclusive classes.

The Daylite 101 course material was designed for Marketcircle by Witz Training, a Gold Level Apple Authorized Training Centre in Toronto. Witz has been designing employee training programs for over 30 years and are leading providers of Apple related software training. All Marketcircle Certified Trainers have completed an extensive training curriculum around product knowledge, business workflows and training best practices.

  • The average business in the US spends 2% of payroll on employee training. The top performing organizations spend between 3.5% to 5%.
    - ASTD Learning Outcomes Report 200 and Training Magazine 2004

  • Companies that invest above the average in employee learning outperform the stock market by more than 45%. Those that don’t, underperform by 22%.
    - ASTD / Bassi, 2000

* Prices may vary depending on class size and location; check with your trainer for details

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