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"Before we moved to Daylite Cloud, we had problems with things not syncing on people's iPhones. Now that we're on Daylite Cloud, everything just syncs automatically. We don't have to worry about someone being in the office and syncing with the server."

Not sure about Cloud? Read These:

6 Common Myths About Daylite Cloud

1. Offline or web?
Some people are under the impression that Daylite Cloud is a web app instead of the desktop app they're used to. This is not the case. Daylite Cloud is still a native Mac, iPhone, and iPad app that lets you work offline. The difference is that instead of syncing with a server hosted on one of your own Macs, the data syncs in the cloud with our servers. This way you don't have to worry about managing the server, backups, security, etc.

2. Security
Think cloud is not as secure as on-premise? We take extreme precautions to make sure your data is secure including top-tier data centres, using the latest cryptographic standards, and constantly look out for emerging security threats. Learn more

3. Legal Requirements
While some companies are under the impression that they legally are required to host their own data on-premise, we encourage you to speak with your local authority to confirm if that's the case. In many cases, we’ve found that customers are actually not under legal obligation to host their own data, so long as the company hosting the data (Marketcircle) takes adequate security measures to protect that data. While we’re working towards being PIPEDA compliant, Marketcircle provides data security that is sufficient for most companies. Learn more

4. Risk
Think the cloud is riskier than on-premise? The truth is your data is more at risk with on-premise because you’re at risk of losing data due to potential hard drive failure or corrupt data backups, lost or stolen devices, as well as natural disasters. Best practice for data backups should include at minimum a weekly backup of your Daylite data, which includes off-site storage. With Daylite Cloud, you don't have to worry about backups because the technologies used to store your backups protect you from data corruption and extra precautions are taken. Learn more

5. Cost
In many cases, the cost of cloud is actually less expensive than on-premise in the long-run because you don’t need an IT team to manage or setup your server. You also don’t have to pay for additional hardware to run the server. Many cloud customers now avoid hours of downtime previously caused by server-related issues.

6. Data Accessibility
Some business owners are under the impression that if their data is in the cloud, it’s “held hostage” and they’re unable to remove it. With Daylite Cloud, this is not the case. If you decide you no longer want to use Daylite, you can you can get a full data export of your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for Daylite 6?

Daylite 6 requires OS X 10.10 or higher on Mac, and iOS 9 or later on iPad and iPhone.

What is "Cloud"?

Daylite Cloud is the same native Mac, iPhone, and iPad app, but without the need to manage a server. You pay a subscription fee and we manage all the background syncing, data backups, etc. for you.

If I upgrade to the Loyalty plan, will I always get this price?

Yes. If you’ve purchased any version of Daylite and you choose to upgrade to the Loyalty plan while it is offered, your plan will be honoured for as long as you use Daylite. Any additional users you add in the future will also get this price.

How much storage space do I get with Cloud?

Daylite Cloud subscriptions include 2 GB of storage per user. We’ve found that in most cases, 2 GB of storage per user is more than enough with the exception of Large File Attachments. However, if you do go over you can buy additional storage in 20 GB intervals per account (not per user). To add additional storage, please contact us.

Can I get an archive of my data?

Absolutely. You can get a full data export of your account.

When do my subscription payments start?

After moving to Daylite Cloud, your payment cycle will begin on the day your account is activated and available.

Is there a trial period for moving to Cloud?

No. After moving your database to the cloud you can’t move it back to Self-Serve. However, if you want to try Daylite Cloud you can create a separate trial account to test. Testing should be done with a secondary email address because it’s connected to your account.

Why is syncing faster with Cloud?

Syncing happens when the Daylite app and the server (or cloud server) talk to each other. We’ve adjusted the structure of the cloud server so that it requires less connections or “talking” to each other for those changes to happen. This makes your regular day-to-day syncing significantly faster – up to 3 times in most cases.

Can I test Daylite 6 before deciding to upgrade?

Yes. But you should install Daylite Server 6 and Daylite 6 on a separate Mac to test. You need to use a separate Mac because any new or edited information in Daylite after updating to version 6, will not be available if you revert back to Daylite 5.

What are the steps to upgrade to Daylite 6 Self-Serve?

The upgrade procedures from a previous version of Daylite to Daylite 6 are similar to the past. Please visit the detailed upgrading page for specific instructions.

Where can I download Daylite 6?

If you’re already using Daylite and want to download Daylite 6 for Self-Serve, visit our Self-Serve download page.

Why is Daylite 5 not compatible with macOS Sierra and iOS 10?

As with previous updates, we support the current version of Daylite on Apple's latest release of Operating System minus one. This means supporting Daylite 6 on macOS Sierra and iOS 10, and on El Capitan & iOS 9. Older versions of Daylite are not made compatible with new Operating System updates from Apple. Our focus is on improving the current version of Daylite, and adding additional features to improve your user experience. With Daylite Cloud you're always on the newest version so you're compatible with Apple's latest release of macOS and iOS.