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MARCH 2017
See what your team is working on

Know what other team members have on their plate with Team View. Choose a team or select individual team members to view their workload. See their appointments today, due or overdue tasks, what’s on their Worklist, as well as upcoming tasks and projects.

Viewing a user's workload'
Schedule a meeting with everyone in one click

Select the “New Meeting” button in Team View to create a new appointment for everyone. Your team members will automatically be invited to the appointment without having to link them individually. You can even jump to a filtered view of everyone’s calendar with the “View Calendar” button.

Creating a new meeting
Compose a new email to everyone in one click

From Team View you can click the “Write Email” button to compose a new email to your team. All the team members will be linked on the email chain without needing to add them manually.

Writing a new email
“This new feature is an easy way to get a big picture view of how my teams are doing. It makes it easy for me to delegate tasks, check on task status, compare work loads for individuals/teams, and creates a continuity for me between individuals and teams.”
Libby Flores, COO of E.L. Achieve Libby Flores, COO of E.L. Achieve
Multitasking on iPad

Do more while working on the go with your iPad. Without having to switch between apps.
This feature is only available on iPads with iOS 9 or later that support Multitasking.

Compare info with Split View

Work side-by-side with Daylite and another app on your iPad. Write an email in Mail and check it off your Worklist in Daylite at the same time.

Multitasking Split View
Peek into another app with Slide Over

Use slide-over to peek into Daylite without having to switch between apps. Have a lunch meeting coming up with a client and need to check how far the restaurant is? From your lunch meeting in Daylite, you can slide in Maps to check the location of the restaurant.

Multitasking Slide Over

"I am using my iPad Pro as my primary device, except for large photo and video editing jobs; so having Multitasking in Daylite available to me is very helpful. I am able to view and work in Daylite while working in whatever app I need open, based on the task or project at hand."

– Joe Nowosielski, ARTStech Solutions

Daylite API


Develop custom integrations with Daylite Cloud's web-based API. Connect Daylite Cloud and the other apps you use to perfect your unique workflow. Get the information flowing between apps so you avoid duplicate entry and increase your productivity.

Learn more

Daylite Cloud Open API
Zapier Integration



Craft the perfect workflow between Daylite Cloud and other popular apps you use. With Zapier you can setup workflows to send information from apps like Wufoo, Google Forms, and Typeform into Daylite. Use the "zaps" we've created to send info from online lead generation forms into Daylite or build your very own "zaps".

Learn more

Zapier Daylite Integration



Get the best of both worlds

Now you have the option to use Daylite with our Cloud service for seamless syncing, storage, and user management on a subscription plan. You get all the benefits of working with a real Mac app, with the convenience of the cloud. Or you can manage Daylite Server on your own computer on a license basis. You decide what's best for your business.

"Syncs reliably. Works perfectly. Works quickly! The magic just happens in the background."

- Eriq, Eriq Chang Studio

working hassle free


Flexible Task Lists

Group your tasks into lists by whatever way you want. When working with tasks in a project or opportunity, you can sort them into separate lists that make it easy to group and prioritize what you have to do. Just drag and drop to re-order. You can even take your task lists with you on your iPhone and iPad to rearrange or add new tasks to a list on the go.

working hassle free
Smart Filtering for Tasks

Quickly sort your to-dos by team member, Category, or by Keyword with the new Smart Filter bar. You can use this whether you’re viewing to-dos within a Project, Opportunity, or a general Task list. Any Keywords used to tag the tasks will appear next to the filter bar so you can simply click on a Keyword to apply a filter.

Faster Task Editing

Tasks have a brand new look. Now all the details of a task appear to the right, the same way contact details appear. Tasks are always in edit mode so you can quickly adjust a due date or add in extra details as you move through a list of tasks. Jump right to the details of a task by hitting the tab key as you move through your list.

working hassle free

Watch the new task management features in action.


Calendar Year View

Get an overview of your schedule for the whole year. The Year View Calendar is colour coded so you can see at-a-glance what days are busy. Days with nothing scheduled appear white, sort-of busy days are yellow, and really busy days are red. Select a day to see a list of tasks, appointments, and projects on that day. Double click to open the day and get a closer look.

Daylite calendar year view
Daylite mini calendar view
Mini Calendar

Check your schedule from the Daylite sidebar while working in another area of the app. Spreading out your tasks? Flip through months on your calendar in the sidebar while you prioritize your tasks or projects. Move around tasks and appointments by dragging and dropping them onto the Mini Calendar. No matter where you are in the app you can jump to a specific date just by double clicking on a date in the Mini Calendar.

Daylite mini calendar view

Watch the new Year View and Mini Calendar in action.


More Informative Pipelines

Quickly see how much work for each Pipeline stage has been completed. Pipelines now have a blue progress bar that fills up as tasks in the stage are checked off. And if any of the tasks in a stage are overdue, part of the progress bar will appear red to alert you so you know where to focus your attention.

Daylite calendar pipelines
Opportunity & Project Highlights

Get a quick summary of your projects & opportunities with the Details & Activity tab and the Tasks & Pipeline tab. The Details & Activity tab tells you the status of the opportunity or project, and how many days left until it's due. The Tasks & Pipeline tab tells you how many to-dos are remaining and highlights any overdue tasks in red. This way you can get a quick update on what’s left as you scroll through your opportunities and projects.

project and opportunity screenshot
Call or FaceTime from your Mac

Your Mac and iPhone just got closer. Looking through your Daylite contacts on your Mac and need to make a call? No need to do extra work by searching through your contacts on your iPhone. Initiate a call or FaceTime right from your Mac.

call or facetime
iWork 15 Pages, Keynotes & Numbers Support

Pull info from Daylite into Pages, Keynote, or Numbers. Want to pull info from Daylite while you create your own report in Numbers? Pull info such as customer details or task due dates from Daylite right into these applications using merge keys.

iwork screenshot
Open Addresses in Maps

Thinking of taking a road trip to visit some clients? Click on any address from a contact detail to quickly open it in Maps. See where your clients are and easily pull up directions to get there.

open addresses
Quick Link Buttons

Add new linked items faster to Contacts, Projects, and Opportunities. We’ve brought the options to add a new task, a new appointment, and more right to the top of the Activity window. In one click you can create a new follow-up task for a lead or add a new file to a Project. This also makes it easier for people on your team that are new to Daylite to intuitively link things together.

quick link buttons

multiple file and reference linking
Multiple File & Reference Linking

Link files and references to multiple items in Daylite. Have a Dropbox URL you need to link to both a Project and a Contact? No problem. Link it to as many items as you need.

multiple file and reference linking
More Activity Set Fields

Add more details to your tasks and appointments within Activity Sets. Set the type of task or appointment and a specific location if you need. Add in additional details to give yourself or a teammate added clarity. Set the priority and even add the time for each task in an Activity Set.

activity set fields

Bulk Edit Preferences

Edit multiple items in your Daylite preferences all at once. Cleaning up your Categories or Keywords? Select multiple Categories or Keywords to delete all at once. Or select a bunch of Categories to add a new item that they’re applied to.

New Polished Look

Say "Hello" to the new, cleaner look of Daylite. We’ve visually refined Daylite so it’s more elegant than ever. Touches of colour have been added to help separate your information such as dates within the Activity View and section headers on the Home Screen for Due Today, Worklist, etc. Font sizes have been slightly plumped to make it easier to read as well as a few other refinements including Notes and Emails.

Daylite new polished look


Today Widget

Check what’s on your plate today in one swipe on your iPhone or iPad. Without having to even open Daylite, you can see your tasks and appointments today along with tasks on your Worklist. Tap on an appointment or task to jump to it in Daylite.

working hassle free

filtering screenshot
Filtering on the Go

Filter your Contacts, Projects, and Opportunities on your iPhone and iPad. Filter your Projects or Opportunities by Category, Keyword, or status. Filter your Contacts by Category, Keyword, first name or last name. You can then switch tabs within this filtered list to view your Contacts by either People or Companies.

filtering screenshot
filtering screenshot
Edit Categories, Keywords, Roles & Relationships

Need to create another Keyword for a new contact while you’re on the go? Now you can edit and add new Keywords, Categories, Roles, and Relationships to Daylite from your iPhone or iPad. You can control who has permission to change these settings from your Daylite Mac preferences.

filtering screenshot
Support For iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Daylite now supports the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen sizes.

Dismiss Daylite notifications in notification centre

Have a task in Daylite that you’ve just completed? Check it off right from Notification Centre in iOS 8. You don’t even have to open Daylite to dismiss meeting invite notifications or reminders.

working hassle free

October 2014

Industry Pack for Recruiting

We’ve created an Industry Pack for Recruiting to help recruiters learn how to leverage Daylite for their business. Included is a Workflow Guide which explains how each Daylite feature can be used in the recruiting industry along with time-saving workflow tips. The Industry Pack for Recruiting also contains a preset file that when downloaded and applied to you Daylite database, will add customizations such as Pipelines for active job orders, and forms for interview questions.

Compatibility with Yosemite

Daylite 5 and Daylite 4 are now compatible with Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite.

View Linked Items in Multi-Column View

When viewing People, Companies, Projects, Opportunities, or Forms in the multi-column view, you can now view linked objects in this view. So while you’re reviewing People in the multi-column view, you can see linked Projects and Opportunities all in the same view.

Enhanced Exported Notes

When you export a note as a file, Daylite now adds a column for Keywords and Linked Items. This way when you have a note you need to export to a teammate or client outside of Daylite, Daylite will displays the tagged Keywords terms, linked Projects, or Opportunities, and more for that specific note.

Improved Sorting Options within Forms

When you’re creating a Form that has options for Popup, Combo, and Multiple Checkboxes, you can now sort the options alphabetically. To do this, visit your Forms preference pane.

Daylite Training Courses

We’ve created online Daylite Training Courses that are live and led by Certified Marketcircle Experts. These courses range from beginner courses on everyday use of Daylite, how to get organized and work efficiently with Daylite, how to use Daylite for managing sales opportunities, and more.

September 2014

Industry Pack for Music

We’ve created an Industry Pack for Music to help people in the music industry learn how to leverage Daylite. The Industry Pack for Music comes with a Workflow Guide that explains how musicians, composers, and talent agents can use each Daylite feature to their advantage. Also included in the pack is a preset file that customizes your Daylite preferences specifically for the music industry. You’ll get common Categories and Keywords added to your Daylite database as well as pipelines for booking tours and more.

July 2014

Industry Pack for Financial Services

Are you a financial advisor using Daylite? We’ve made it easier to learn how to leverage Daylite for your financial services business with the Industry Pack for Financial Services. The pack includes a Workflow Guide that explains how financial advisors can use each Daylite feature to manage their clients better. It also comes with a preset file that customizes your Daylite preferences. Get forms added to your Daylite database already populated with questions for annual reviews and client profiles. It also comes with a Pipelines with all the steps in place for a new client from initial discovery, to investment planning, and confirmation.

April 2014


Insight View

We’ve created an Industry Pack for Music to help people in the music industry learn how to leverage Daylite. The Industry Pack for Music comes with a Workflow Guide that explains how musicians, composers, and talent agents can use each Daylite feature to their advantage. Also included in the pack is a preset file that customizes your Daylite preferences specifically for the music industry. You’ll get common Categories and Keywords added to your Daylite database as well as pipelines for booking tours and more.

Daylite Insight View screenshot

Testimonial from Adam at Liquid Reality
“I love the new Insight View. For me, it’s still early for the value of Insight to kick in, but over the next six months I think it’s going to be able to show me where I’m spending my time, where my effort is going, and where my revenue is actually coming from.”

Navigate through your contact history more easily. However over the Timeline to scan through specific dates. Click on any date in the Timeline to jump to that point in time and view emails, calls, notes, and more with a contact. Notches on the Timeline allow you to quickly pick out points in time that are heavy with interactions.

refined for iOs
Refined for iOS 7

So fresh and so clean. Daylite has been refined for iOS 7. This clean, crisp look makes your business info stand out more so assessing your day is even easier.

refined for iOs
Edit in Daylite Mail Assistant

Now you can update a client record in Daylite without having to leave your Mail window. You can edit appoint details, add a keyword to a client, or update their phone number from an email right in Daylite Mail Assistant.

Daylite mail assistant
Testimonial from Matt at Makalu
“One of the biggest new benefits of Daylite 5 was the ability to edit contact data in Daylite without leaving Mail. That’s something that’s probably doubled my contact management efficiency!”
Repeating Tasks

For tasks that you need to do regularly like remembering to send out a tweet every week or doing payroll, you can set to repeat instead of having to re-create the task each time.

Advanced Filtering Options

Want to check what new prospects don’t have a follow up task linked to them? Or see what clients you don’t have a phone number for? Now you can filter for fields that are “non existent”. This helps you keep an eye on things info you may be missing out on.

Smart List Folders

If you’re the kind of person that loves with Smart Lists, you’ll love the ability to organize Smart Lists into folders.

November 2013

Industry Pack for Real Estate

We’ve created an Industry Pack for Real Estate to help real estate agents and brokers learn how to leverage Daylite. The Industry Pack for Real Estate contains a workflow guide that explains how both residential and commercial real estate agents can use each Daylite feature along with some productivity tips. Also included in the pack is a preset file. When you download this preset file and drag it onto your Daylite database, it adds some customizations to Daylite that are specifically for real estate agents such as pipelines and steps for tracking a sale right up to the close date.

October 2013

Compatible with OS X Mavericks

Daylite is now compatible with Apple’s latest operating system, OS X Mavericks. We’ve also added a few improvements to Daylite such as the ability to add Keywords to emails in Daylite Mail Assistant and the ability to display completed tasks in your Calendar.

August 2013


Linked Forms & Attachments on iPhone & iPad

Using Daylite on the go? Now you can view linked forms in Daylite. This is a great feature for capturing leads while you’re on the go or at a trade show. You can also see linked attachments within Daylite on your iPhone and iPad.

Book resources & edit relationships on iPhone & iPad

For Daylite on the iPhone and iPad we’ve added the ability to book resources within the Calendar for things such as booking a meeting room. You can also edit relationships between People and Companies while you’re on the go.


Duplicate Records

Save time with the ability to duplicate records. Duplicate an Opportunity and change a few details to avoid having to re-enter similar information. Or duplicate an appointment in your calendar and update the time.

Smart Lists for birthdays & anniversaries

We’ve added the ability to create Smart Lists for people with upcoming birthdays or anniversaries. Just filter customers with a birthday or anniversary in the next 7 days and always have an updated list.

New Reports/Print Layouts

Analyze your business better with new Daylite reports. Run the Won Opportunity report to get a breakdown of all the opportunities you’ve won over a specific date range by category, type, owner, total, and more. Get a breakdown of where you and your team are spending their time in the Activity By Time and Category Report. See how much time in appointments and how many tasks are completed for various categories for a specific team member.

Daylite mail assistant
More Options for Multi-Column View

When viewing your Daylite info in the multi-column view, you can sort columns for linked items such as Keywords, Tasks, Appointments, and more.

Translated for Spanish & Dutch

If you speak Spanish or Dutch, Daylite now speaks your language. The full Daylite interface and the Reports have been localized for Spanish and Dutch.

April 2013
Sync Indicator

We’ve added a sync indicator to the top right corner of the Daylite window to notify you if there are any problems syncing. If there’s an issue, a lightening bolt icon will appear. When you click on it, information about the issue will be displayed.

Find Duplicates and Combine Records

Sometimes it happens that you’ve created a contact twice accidentally. Now you can find duplicate records and combine the activity into one record. This way you don’t have to copy and paste from one record to another.

Translate for German & French

Daylite has been taking German and French classes and has passed with flying colours. The entire Daylite interface has now been translated for German and French speaking customers.

Daylite icon

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