Insight View

See what you’ve been missing.

A new visual summary of your data helps you discover patterns and answer questions about your business. Use the interactive graphs to investigate trends and statistics of a list or smart list.


Visualize the details of thousands of items at once.


Hover to quickly compare groups.

Dig in

Click to filter your data and focus on what you’re looking for.

insight task management software


See what you've been up to.

Daylite's activity view has a new design, improved performance, and a visual timeline, making browsing and finding important activity easier than ever.


A new design and smooth scrolling lets you quickly review history.


See when activity happened and quickly navigate to any point in time.

timeline project manager software

Repeating Tasks

Don’t miss a beat

Tasks in Daylite can now be set to repeat every day, week, month, or as frequently as you need. Be reminded of those regularly scheduled tasks so you can complete them on time.

repeat manage tasks

Refined for iOS

A clean, new look for the iPad and iPhone

The simple design lets you focus on your business and getting things done.

whats new on ios

Comprehensive searching

Search for people, projects, tasks, notes, emails and more right from the Daylite home screen. Even search for a phone number, email address, or contents of an email.

improved searching task management software

Syncs in the background

Everything is up-to-date the moment you open the app. And the Daylite app icon will badge to let you know you have new meeting invitations or notifications.

Syncs in the Background

No more squinting

Daylite uses the text size you choose in the Settings app, so you can easily adjust it to what is comfortable for you.

normal size no more squinting Normal
large size no more squinting Large
Daylite mail assistant

Edit from Mail

Update details in Daylite right from Mail

Save time by editing details of your contacts directly in Apple Mail. Update a contact’s information, change a project's status, or edit keywords and categories right in the Daylite Mail Assistant.

Advanced Filtering

Find what you’re missing out on

New filtering options let you search for fields that are blank or items without links. Find all the contacts without an opportunity, giving you a list of potential business to pursue. Find all the open projects with no open tasks, so you can add some next steps. Make sure your contact data is complete by finding anyone for which you are missing an email address or phone number.

advanced task management software searching

Refined for Mac

A renovation of your workspace

See things more clearly with clean visuals that keep the focus on your work. Visual refinements to the home screen, calendar, and activity view allow for easier scanning and better readability. Subtle changes to the sidebar, toolbar, and bottom bar reduce the clutter surrounding your workspace.

New refined business analysis software

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