Cannot Reach Marketcircle Cloud


When attempting to create an invoice, send invoices or estimates or print an invoice, you are prompted with the following message:

Alt text


Please make sure you are running the latest build of Billings Pro.

*If installing the application update and then restarting the computer doesn't resolve the issue, please follow these steps to send us further information to review.

*Note Please verify that you're using Billings Pro 1.7.12 and above before proceeding with the steps below.

  1. Select Help > Email Log Files from the Billings Pro application menu bar. This will open a new email message window.

  2. Quit Billings Pro (if it’s open).

  3. Open the ‘Terminal’ app (located in /Applications/Utilities/).

  4. In the Terminal window, enter the following command and then press the 'return' key: dig

  5. Take a screenshot of what appears in the white ‘Terminal’ box, attach it to email window you opened moments ago and then submit it.

A support agent will follow-up with you advising on what steps should be taken next.

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