Changing the computer name on your Billings Pro Server

If you're using Billings Pro Self-Serve and you want to change the name of your server computer here's what you need to do to prevent possible sync issues...

  1. Sync all Billings Pro client devices (Mac and iOS).
  2. Log out of Billings Pro:
    • NOTE: Logging out wipes un-synced changes from the device
    • Mac: File > Log out via the Billings Pro menu bar
    • iOS: Settings > Account > Logout via the Billings Pro iOS App
  3. Change your computer name (System Preferences > Sharing) Alt text
  4. Once the computer name is changed you'll notice that the Local Hostname has also changed. Alt text
  5. Open Billings Pro Server Admin and go to the Network pane.
  6. Click the Advanced button and change the Local Address to match your computer's Local Hostname (as shown in Step 4).
  7. Log back into Billings Pro.

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