How can I create a temporary WiFi network to sync Daylite with my iOS device?

Creating a temporary WIFI network between your Daylite Server and iPhone or iPad is a good way to troubleshoot why an iPhone or iPad is not syncing. This will help isolate the issue away from a Daylite issue or a networking one.

To do this, on your Mac with Daylite Server, click on the WiFi drop down menu in your menubar, and select Create Network. You can choose a name for the network, and click Create Network.


You can then choose a name for your temporary WiFi network, and click Create.


Once you've done this, on your iOS device you can try to connect to this WiFi network.


You can then launch the Daylite iOS app and see if you are able to sync ok.

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You may receive the following message:

Last Synchronization Error - The server is processing your data. Try connecting again later.

If you do, hit OK, wait a few seconds, and then try syncing on your iOS device again.

Once you have successfully synced your iOS device, you can then disconnect from the temporary WiFi network on both devices.

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