After setting up CardDAV sync for contacts, I see duplicates in my database.


You have set up CardDAV sync for contacts and have noticed that duplicate records are in your database.


You will have to manually remove the duplicates one by one.

  1. Working from the People view, click the Magnifying glass button and enter the name of the person. Daylite filters and displays matching records.
  2. Choose View > Multi-Column List.
  3. Go through the contact names one by one, retain the main person and delete the duplicates. To delete the duplicate entry, select the record and press the delete key. In the window that opens, click Move to Trash.

Note: You can easily recognize the duplicate entries. All duplicate entries will have a "\" in their name. For example, the main record "Robert" will have a duplicate saying "Robert\" You can use the above method to remove duplicate companies as well.

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