An error appears when trying to restore my Billings 3 database backup in Billings Pro Server Admin.


You are trying to restore your Billings 3 database from the backup via Billings Pro Server Admin and you get the following error.

"Error fetching database UUID for backup dictionary."


Please try the following steps to migrate your database instead of restoring from the backup:

  1. Go to Home -> Library -> Application Support -> Billings and zip/compress the folder.

Note: If you are using OS X Lion or later, the Library folder contained within your Home folder is hidden by default. To access this folder, press [command] + [shift] + [G] keys. Alternately, in the Finder window, hold down the [option] key, and choose Go > Library.

  1. On the server computer, do the following:

  2. Restore the zip at the same location (Home -> Library -> Application Support -> Billings) on your server computer and in the same Mac OS X user account where you have Billings Pro Server Admin installed.

  3. Launch Billings Pro Server Admin. In the first run window, select the "Migrate from Billings 3" option (This will show up when Billings Pro Server Admin detects a Billings folder in Home -> Library -> Application Support.) and complete the migration.

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