Limitations when creating emails or merging letter templates with Daylite.

When merging through the Daylite editor, there is an option to attach a PDF rendering of the merged template with the email (previously, any rich text templates were always only sent as a PDF attachment), subject to the limitations listed below.


Depending on the operating system you are using, there are limitations on how the final email will be produced. These limitations are imposed by lack of functionality in Apple Mail with regards to new mail messages generated by an external application (such as Daylite).

If you require merging into rich text emails containing images & other attachments with a specific design/look, we recommended using functionality provided by third party applications (such as DirectMail or MailChimp) instead for best results.

Mac OS X Lion (10.7)

  • Merging a rich text template will not bring over any attachments or images embeded in the template, nor any other attachments to be included with the email. If you require attachments, send the merged letter as Plain Text instead.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)

  • Merging a rich text template will bring in all attachments and images, however these will all be put at the end of the main text in the message, even if these are placed among the text in the template itself.

Note: You will need to open the merged letter in Daylite prior to sending the email in order to retain the rich text formatting. If you opt to use the 'email immediately' option for your letter template then it must be formatted in plaintext or the entire template must be formatted in the same style without any other character styling (i.e. bold, italic, coloured text or images) prior to using the option for it to work. The 'email immediately' option does not work with rich text templates.

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