Billings Pro on my iOS device crashes after clicking Customize when creating an Invoice


After migrating from Billings to Billings Pro you may experience a crash with Billings Pro Touch related to clicking "customize" when creating an invoice.

Why is this problem occurring

Billings Pro is missing your company identity.


Please follow the steps below to resolve this:

  1. Sync Billings Pro on your iOS device.
  2. Open Billings Pro on your Mac.
  3. Open Billings Pro Preferences > Identity & Rates.
  4. Enter your name and address.
  5. Click 'Sync' on the top right of the preference window.
  6. Log into Control Panel (
  7. Click 'Wipe' next to your iOS device. The status will change to 'Waiting for Wipe'.
  8. Click 'Save'.
  9. Open Billings Pro on your iOS device and perform a sync. The database should be wiped and you will be logged out
  10. Log back into Billings Pro on your iOS device.

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