Billings Pro Server cannot backup my database to a directory on my external storage.


When doing a backup, you receive a message similar to the one below:

Why is this problem occurring

The default location where Billings Pro Server saves database backups is HD/Users/Shared/Billings Pro Server Backups. Some of you may want to change this location to point to a directory on your external storage. When you attempt to do that, you will see an error message saying "Invalid Backup Path."

This is because the path is not writable by the application/user. You will need both permissions and ownership to be able to save your backups on the specific directory.


To change where you save your Billings Pro backups you need to change the permissions and ownership your Database as well as the backup path you intend to save your backups to.

Change permissions on the new backup directory:

  1. Select the directory on your external storage where you want to save the backups.
  2. Right-click and choose Get Info.
  3. Under Sharing & Permissions, set the privilege as "Read & Write" for "everyone."
  4. In Finder, right-click the mounted drive and choose Get Info.
  5. Unselect the "Ignore ownership on this volume" checkbox.
  6. Enable and use the "root" user in Mac OS X. Click here for more information

Changing ownership on the database and backup directory:

Warning: Changing permissions requires the use of terminal. Misuse of the Terminal application can have a serious impact on your computer and Marketcircle is not responsible for possible damage caused. Perform these steps exactly as below.

  1. Launch Terminal.
  2. Copy/Paste the following command as one line then hit return:

    sudo chown _billingsproserver:admin "/Library/Application\Support/Billings Pro\ Server/Storage.bpsdb/"

  3. Enter your Mac OSX administrator password when prompted.

    Note: The characters for your password will not be displayed. Ensure that your password is entered correctly.

  4. Enter the following command as one line then hit return:

    sudo chown _billingsproserver:admin [FilePath...]

Working from Billings Pro Server Admin, set the backup directory to point to your external storage for saving backups and assign a schedule. Billings Pro Server will now be able to save backups to the specified directory.

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