Can I Use Daylite Cloud Free?

Yes! Daylite Cloud can be used for free with the Daylite Cloud Free plan. You can switch to the Daylite Cloud Free plan at any time and back to a paid plan at any time and you are able to use and add as many users as you'd like on the Daylite Cloud Free plan.

The free plan limits the number of new items you create in your database to:

  • 2 Projects
  • 2 Opportunities
  • 100 Tasks
  • 100 Notes
  • 100 Contacts
  • 100 Email
  • 100 Appointments

The Free plan also limits storage from 2GB per user to 100MB total.

If you are on a paid plan, and your database exceeds the number of limited records, and then change to the free plan, all your current records will remain. You simply will not be able to add any more of the items you exceed. If you wish to add more items, you will need to switch to one of Daylite Cloud paid plans.

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