Cannot Log into Billings Pro Cloud: Error 100


When attempting to log into your Billings Pro Cloud account you receive the following error:

Alt text

Why is this occurring?

This is occurring because Billings Pro is unable to connect to the Billings Pro Cloud network but your computer may be able to connect to the internet.

You may see this in controlled networks, such as public spaces, educational institutions or locations which may have strict network controls.

If you are using any programs, such as the Mac OS firewall, Little Snitch or any other firewall programs, they may be preventing Billings Pro from reaching out to the Cloud as well.


To resolve this issue try a different network. If the issue does not persist on another network you can contact the network admin to allow Billings Pro access to our Cloud network.

If you are using firewall programs, temporary turn these off and then try to connect. If you can now connect, check the applications settings to allow Billings Pro access to the network.

If trying a different network, turning off any firewall applications doesn't resolve the problem and you feel that you have taken corrective action on the network but are still get this error please contact Marketcircle Support for more assistance in troubleshooting.

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