Changing a Limited or Normal User's Advanced Access Settings

Daylite offers four different types of Users each with their own access levels. The Limited and Normal User have can have restrictions put in place. These are customizable through Daylite's Advanced User Options. This Help Centre article outlines how to customize these options.

Log into a Daylite administrator or superuser and open User and Teams Preferences Alt text

Select the User you wish to change and choose Advanced Alt text

Check On/Off the options you want this user to have Alt text

Below Lists and explains what these options mean:

Delete items

  • The user can delete items in the database.

Run scripts

  • The user can run scripts on the database.

Manage and run reports

  • Access the Report Templates pane of Daylite Preferences and manage reports.
  • Run reports in Daylite.

Copy information from lists

  • The user can copy information from a list.

Import and export information

  • Import information into Daylite and export information out of Daylite.

Share and sync data with other applications

  • Share and sync calendar and contact information with other applications using CalDAV and CardDAV.

Change all Preferences

  • The user can change all global preferences

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