Adding a company name to an envelope template

To add a company name to your envelope, you will need to create a custom envelope template. This example will allow you to add the company name to the envelope, but feel free to explore the report engine for the customizations of your choice.

To add a company name to an envelope, please follow these steps.

In the Daylite preferences click Report template Click the New Template Drop down box and select Envelope Enter Template name (Carolyn's envelope example) click next Choose one of the envelopes. I've selected the first one for the purpose of this example. Click ok Double Click the square in the middle that says Fullname StreetCityStatePostal CodeCountry

To the right select "report" then "object" then "Default Role" then 'organization" then double click "name"

Just below check off "if valid text, insert Newline before" See screenshot below.

Finish by clicking "Ok"

Alt text

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