Daylite 4 Compatibility

Apple does not allow submissions for updates made with older development kits. Because of this restriction in the App Store. Daylite 4 will not be up compatible with El Capitan iOS 9 or any future versions.

We recommend that Daylite 4 customers avoid updating to OS X El Capitan or iOS 9 until ready to upgrade to the newest version of Daylite.

Please contact our Marketcircle Customer Service Team for upgrade pricing.

Daylite 4 with El Capitan

  • Daylite 4 has not, and will not be tested on OS X El Capitan. You may experience a number of major and/or minor issues.
  • Daylite 4 may open, sync or allow you to log into a Daylite 4 database
  • Daylite Mail Assistant 4 will not work on OS X El Capitan.

Daylite 4 for the iPhone and iPad with iOS9

  • Daylite 4 on the iPhone and iPad will not sync or log into any Daylite 4 database
  • Daylite 4 on the iPhone and iPad may or may not open.

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