Daylite 5 and Mac OS X Sierra

Daylite 5 is not compatible with Mac OS Sierra and will not receive compatibility updates in the future. We do not recommend using Daylite 5 with Mac OS Sierra.

Updating to Mac OS Sierra may result in undesired behaviour such as:

  • Incompatible Plugin alert in Daylite Mail Plugin
  • Errors when launching Daylite
  • Issues syncing with the server
  • Issues logging into the database
  • Frequent Crashing

While these issues may not be present today they may develop in the future.

I have already updated to Mac OS Sierra

If you have updated to Mac OS Sierra and are using Daylite 5 you have two options:

#1. Update to Daylite 6

Now may be an ideal time to upgrade Daylite 6 and Cloud which is compatible with Mac OS Sierra and includes many new improved which will give you a better experience with Daylite.

These features include:

  • 3x faster syncing
  • Access every linked email & file on iPhone & iPad
  • Eliminate backups & networking

For more information on why you should consider upgrading to Daylite Cloud check our Daylite upgrades page.

#2. Roll Back for your version of Mac OS

If you have upgraded to Mac OS Sierra it may be possible that you restore your version of Mac OS to a compatible version. For assistance with rolling back your version of Mac OS please contact AppleCare

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