Daylite AB Menu Plug-in

A convenient and intuitive way to utilize your Daylite address book data through a system wide menu. DayliteABMenu provides quick access to your contacts' phone numbers, email, postal addresses and URLs.

OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

For vendor support and software download go to the JN Software website


  1. Open the downloaded file
  2. Move the DayliteABMenu application to your Applications folder and launch
  3. The first time you open DayliteABMenu, the preferences window will also open. On subsequent launches, DayliteABMenu will just open its main menu (and the launch status window if you have kept this option enabled in the preferences).


  • When you launch DayliteABMenu it will read in your Daylite contacts and then build a new menu in the menu bar
  • When you browse the menu you can see your contact details in various ways Selecting a contact will trigger an action (specified in the preferences) such as displaying the data in a large type window, creating a new email or dialling the phone
  • Holding down the Option key when selecting any menu item should open the selected contact in Daylite

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