Daylite is no longer allowing me to login or sync on my Mac and iOS device


Daylite is reporting the following login and sync errors on your Mac and/or iOS device.

Cannot sync because of an error

When attempting a sync: Alt text

Cannot view account at this time

When attempting to access the Control Panel (via the Daylite Cloud Preferences pane): Alt text

Uploading - An error occurred

When trying to upload an attachment: Alt text

Login Failed

When trying to login into your Daylite Cloud account on an iPad or iPhone:

Alt text

Why is this problem occurring

These are all errors which will occur on Daylite iOS 6.0.1 or earlier, and Daylite Mac 6.0.1 due to certificate update to maintain a higher level of security.


Simply download and install the latest version of Daylite 6 for your Mac, iPhone and iPad by going our downloads page.

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