Troubleshooting Daylite Sync Issues

We have designed Daylite's syncing and login process to be as simple and hands free as possible to ensure that you have the best experience. There may be periods of times however that you receive an error message and that may require troubleshooting to solve. You may experience a sync error code from the Daylite Sync Indicator or an error message may pop-up with a brief description of the issue.

How to Troubleshoot Daylite Sync Errors

Many of our error messages include a brief description of the issue and include a direct link to a support articles. Many of the most common issues are related to simply issues such as your network is misconfigured, the name of your server computer has changed or the server is turned off.

Check out our Daylite Sync Troubleshooting articles on Help Centre to troubleshoot the most common error messages for Daylite on the Mac, the iPhone and iPad, as well as Daylite Server Admin.

Still need for help?

If you're unable to find an article matching your behaviour or these articles do not fix the issue, please initiate a support ticket

To make sure your issue is handled as quickly as possible, please include the following information when contacting us:

  • A Screenshot of the error message
  • Is Daylite on the same network as the server computer?
  • Is Daylite installed on the same computer as Daylite Server Admin?
  • Are other Daylite users experiencing this issue?
  • Can you recall any changes to your computer environment when this error started to occur (i.e an update to your OS)?
  • Have you recently restored from Time Machine or another backup system?

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