Daylite is reporting that the server for my database needs to be updated to Daylite Server 5?


The following prompt appears when attempting to log into your database:

Scenario #1

On the computer where Daylite Server resides Alt text

Scenario #2

On a computer with a local copy of your Daylite database Alt text

Why am I seeing this?

Daylite 5 client has been installed, however Daylite Server hasn't been updated yet and is still running version 4.


If the update to Daylite 5 client was premature, you can easily revert to Daylite 4 with minimal effort. To do this:

  1. Depending on the scenario, click "OK" for issue #1 or "Cancel" for issue #2. In either case, you should be returned to the Daylite log in screen.
  2. Quit Daylite.
  3. Using the Finder, navigate to the Applications folder. Trash the file titled "Daylite".
  4. Download and install Daylite 4. The link for this version can be found in our downloads page.
  5. Launch Daylite and log into your database.

Note: For scenario #2 If you have accidently proceeded with the update, Daylite will not be able to sync with the server and will produce an error code 204. Please read the related article Sync Failed - Error Code 204 for details on how to address this.

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