Daylite on my iPhone or ipad device cannot find the server


When trying to connect to your database, Daylite on the iPhone or iPad cannot detect the server. Daylite on your iOS device is unable to detect your database hosted in Daylite Server Admin.

Why is this problem occurring

This usually occurs if your Server is turned off, or your iPhone or iPad are not connected to the same network as your Daylite Server. There are some cases where you may be able to connect to the server but your network is still preventing device-to-device communication.


If you are connecting on a different network than the server, please refer to the Remote Users Only section of this article

When connecting on the same network as the Server we can test to see if the iPhone or iPad, and Server are connecting over the network.

To do this, we want to perform a 'Ping' test. This is a simple test and can be done by doing the following:

On the iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the Settings App on the iPhone or iPad
  2. Choose WiFi
  3. Locate the network you have connected to, which you can tell by it having a next to it and then tap the Blue and white ‘i’ Button
  4. Locate the IP address and make note of this

On your Server Computer

  1. Use Spotlight to open Network Utility
  2. Choose the Ping tab
  3. Type the IP address you found on the iPhone or iPad
  4. Choose to send only 10 Pings

If you receive 0% packet loss, submit a support ticket with the Marketcircle Support Team for more troubleshooting.

If you are not receiving 0% packet loss, then there is an issue with the Server not being able to communicate with the iPhone or iPad over your network, and you won’t be able to get Daylite on the iPhone and iPad to sync correctly.

These issues are related to either one of your Apple devices, or your router. You can try to restart each device, or your router to see if this resolves the issue for you. If you continue to experience this issue, we recommend that you contact AppleCare, or your router manufacturer’s support team to try to isolate why your devices cannot ping each other.

For Remote Users Only

This section is for Daylite users cannot detect their server when attempting to connect remotely. This means that you are not connected to the same network as the server computer.

To allow the database to be accessed remotely you need to reconfigure various aspects of Daylite, your network and potentially ISP services.

For more information check out our support articles on how to set up Daylite for remote access for Daylite 5 or Daylite 4.

Required Daylite Ports are not opened

If you're connecting remotely, you need to ensure that certain ports on the network where the server resides are opened. You can confirm if the ports are opened by doing the following:

  1. Open your browser (eg. Safari)
  2. Go to
  3. Test each of the listed ports:
    • 6180
    • 6181
    • 6182
    • 6183
    • 6185
    • 6188

If your ports are opened move on to the next steps. If any are closed, please try manually setting up your ports and test again.

Verify your computer's Firewall settings.

  1. On the server computer having Daylite Server Admin installed, go to Apple menu > System Preferences.
  2. Click Security & Privacy.
  3. Click Firewall.
  4. Click the lock button and authenticate with a Mac OS X administrator credentials.
  5. If Firewall is currently turned On, click Turn Off Firewall.
  6. Launch Daylite on your iOS device and connect to the server.

If you can connect to the server with the firewall, re-configure the firewall to allow all Daylite process.

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