Daylite contacts missing on your iPhone & iPad


Daylite on the iPhone & iPad only show some of your Daylite contacts.

Why is this problem occurring

This can happen when you've set up Daylite to share only those contacts in the "Shared People" and "Shared Companies" lists in your Contact Sharing Preferences. This is causing only people and companies existing in these lists to be shared with Daylite on your device.


To fix this, do the following:

  1. Connect to Daylite on your desktop/laptop computer.
  2. Choose Daylite > Preferences and select Contact Sharing.
  3. Under Share, select the "All contacts" option.
  4. Sync your device with the server and verify if you see all contacts on your device. If you are still experiencing this issue, launch Daylite on your iOS device, go to Home > Settings > General > Wipe Database and wipe the database. Now, connect to Daylite on your device iOS and this should have fixed the issue.

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