Daylite security at a glance

Data security is the practice of keeping data protected from corruption and unauthorized access. The focus behind data security is to ensure privacy while protecting personal or corporate data.

Your security is important to us. Please refer to this article which provide an overview of the measures we’ve taken to protect your data.

Daylite Cloud Security

For information about Daylite Cloud users check out our Daylite Cloud Security page

Daylite Self-Serve Security

When syncing and creating an offline database with Daylite Self-Serve all your data with industry-standard 256 bit SSL technology. This is a very high level of encryption which ensures that your data is transmitted securely.

Physical access to clients or server

Any data stored on your computer, including Daylite is only as secure as your computer is. The more secure your computer, the more secure your data. Apple has many features to ensure that the data on your Mac is secure.

We recommend:

  • Using strong passwords for both your Daylite and Mac OS passwords
  • Turn on Filevault2 to lock down your computer
  • Set your computer to require a password when your screensaver turns on

Doing all of the above will provide maximum security to not only your Daylite data, but all the data on your computer.

If you have any questions regarding to passing specific audit or regulations please reach out to our Customer Service Team

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