Daylite Server has some incorrectly configured components


When attempting to launch Daylite Server Admin, you receive the following error message:

Alt text

Why is this problem occurring

There are a few potential factors related to this issue. Most notably, if you have recently restored your server computer from a Time Machine backup or Migration Assistant, you may experience this error message the next time you launch Daylite Server Admin. This is because Time Machine is not a sufficient source to successfully backup and restore the Daylite application. We highly recommend using only Daylite Server Admin to backup and restore your database.

For more insight on this, please have a look at our Time Machine help article regarding restoring the server computer.


Follow the steps below which highlight how to correctly restore Daylite Server and your data.

  1. If this machine has been restored from Time Machine, please open Time Machine and navigate to the following location to confirm that you have a recent backup of your data: Finder --> Computer (Mac HD) --> Users --> Shared --> Daylite Server 5 Backups. If you notice that the backup folder is empty, or if you notice that the backup files are out-dated, please initiate a support ticket for further assistance and DO NOT proceed with the following steps below.

  2. Once your backup has been located, you'll need to Uninstall Daylite Server Admin. Now, restart the server machine, then reinstall Daylite Server Admin from our downloads page.

  3. Launch Daylite Server Admin and restore from the backup that was restored in Time Machine. Here's how to restore from a backup in Daylite Server Admin.

  4. After the restore has completed, please check Daylite Server Admin -> License to ensure that your serial and license information is still there and that you are checked as an active user. If not, you'll simply need to re-enter it by clicking on the Add License button.

If the above steps do not help to resolve this issue, please contact the Marketcircle Customer Service Team for further assistance.

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