Do workers migrate from Billings to Billings Pro?

Workers in Billings are labels while in Billings Pro workers are users who can access the system.

Billings Pro Self Serve

When you perform a migration, all workers in Billings are migrated to Billings Pro Serve Admin. The primary worker in Billings is the first worker created in Billings Pro who is set to the admin user. The remaining workers from Billings are all kept de-activated in Billings Pro Server Admin. Upon completion of migration, the admin user/worker must activate the workers who will need access to Billings Pro on Mac, iOS, and Timecard.

To activate a worker:

  1. Open Billings Pro Server Admin and click on the Workers tab.
  2. Click the lock and authenticate yourself.
  3. Select a worker.
  4. Click Activate Worker.
  5. Choose the Access you want them to have

Active workers require a license for them to use Billings Pro Self Serve

Billings Pro Cloud

When you perform a migration to Billings Pro cloud, only the primary worker in Billings is migrated. If you wish to add more workers to your account, you will need to login to your control panel and add workers in the Workers tab.

Active workers require a subscription for them to be used in Billings Pro.

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