Do you offer a discount for education and non-profit organizations?

Marketcircle is proud to offer discounts to non-profit organizations and as well as students, staff and faculty members of educational institutions. We strongly believe Daylite has the ability to transform the way you do work, and we want to empower those who are working towards improving humanity.


To receive the discount Marketcircle requires information confirming that you belong to one of these organization and to process this as quickly as possible please read and provide the requirements below before submitting a discount request.

Educational Institutions
  • Actively attending, or working at a recognizable institution with a .edu email address
  • Email address has to be associated with the educational institution’s website
Non-Profit Organizations
  • Must have a .org email address and the email must be associated with the organization’s website
  • Supporting documentation that over 75% of the funding goes to programs.


Daylite Cloud may receive a 50% discount on the yearly plan for each user and the cost of any additional storage purchased on the account.

Currently it is not possible to receive a discount on a monthly plan.


Daylite Self-Serve may receive a 20% discount per license seat. This does not apply when purchasing an upgrade license as these are already discounted.

Please get in touch with the Marketcircle Customer Service Team to apply for a discount.

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