Emails Fail To Upload After Upgraded To Email On Demand

If your database has been upgraded to Email on Demand and you're not running Daylite, and the Daylit Mail Assistant 6.5.7 or later, emails added to Daylite will fail to upload to your Cloud database. When viewing Emails in Daylite on other devices, they will not be found.


If you have added Emails in Daylite, and they are not appearing in other devices, Follow these steps to ensure you’re running the latest versions:

  1. Get the latest version of Daylite
  2. Run the installer, which will update both Daylite and DMA to the latest builds.

    Note: After updating each Mac, If you see any prompts for keychain access, you MUST enter your Mac user password, and click ‘Always Allow’. Not doing this could interfere with Daylite/DMA ability to function correctly.

    Repeat this on each Mac.

Once you have updated all Macs, confirm that missing emails are now available on all Macs.

For more information about Email on Demand, check out the Email on Demand FAQ

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