How can I activate or de-activate Daylite Cloud user?

From time to time, you may require seasonal workers or you may have people leave your team. In these situations, you can set that user account to inactive. In doing so, this will prevent that user account from logging into your database.

To activate or deactivate a Daylite user, perform the following steps:

  1. Log into your Daylite Cloud Account in your browser.
    Alt text

  2. Select Users.
    Alt text

  3. To deactivate a user account, click Deactivate. The user will be deactivated immediately.

  4. To re-enable an existing user, click Activate.

Note: Adding or removing users will affect the price of your next bill. For managing user access levels and additional options, go to the Users & Teams preference in Daylite for Mac.

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