How can I access Daylite remotely?

This article is for Daylite Self-Serve customers.

Want remote syncing but don't want to manage your network? Make Syncing easier with Daylite Cloud.


  • Daylite Server Admin installed on a stationary computer such as an iMac or Mac mini
  • A static local IP address

    Tip: To assign a static private IP address contact your router manufacturer or consult their documentation

  • A static public IP address or Dynamic DNS Domain name such as or No-IP.

    Tip: Check out Dynamic vs Static IP to find out which is best for you

Adding your public address

You will have to unlock Daylite Server Admin to make these changes. To do this, click the lock button and authenticate with a Mac OS X administrator credentials.

  1. Open Daylite Server Admin
  2. Choose the Network pane
  3. In the public address field enter your static IP address or domain

    Tip:If you do not know the public IP address at the server and are using a static a IP Click here while on the server to find out.

Port Forwarding

To allow your other devices access to the Daylite database over the internet you need to open 6 TCP ports on your router.

These ports are:

  • 6180
  • 6181
  • 6182
  • 6183
  • 6185
  • 6188

There are two ways you can open these ports forDaylite: Manually opening on your router which is preferred, or UPnP or NAT/PMP port forwarding.

Tip: For manual port forwarding steps check out Port Forwarding Guides for Marketcircle Daylite. If your router isn't listed, please contact your router manufacturer.

Tip: Some routers work better when opening the ports individually and not a range.

As an alternative to manually opening your ports you can use UPnP or NAT/PMP port forwarding. This is available to compatible routers only and may not be available on your device.

To enable UPnP or NAT/PMP port forwarding:

  1. Working from the Network pane in Daylite Server Admin, click Advanced...
  2. Check the 'Enable automatic port forwarding' box.

    Tip: For more information on UPnP or NAT/PMP check out NAT Port Mapping Protocol. If you are unsure if your router supports UPnP or NAT/PMP consult your router documentation or use Manual Port Forwarding.

VPN Users Only

If you connect through a VPN to your Office’s network do not open any ports or use the public address. Instead change the local address from the computers hostname to its IP address.

Now when users connect they should be able to sync.

Logging into your database

If you have already logged into your database before you have configured Daylite to be remotely accessible, you only need to sync with the server locally again. Daylite will get the remote address from the server allowing you to start syncing remotely.

If this is the first time you are creating a local copy it is recommended that you do this on the local network. Downloading a local copy of your database remotely takes longer than local.

If you cannot log into your database locally, check out the How to log into your Daylite 6 database and How do I log in to my Daylite 5 and 4 database? for instructions on logging in with a remote address.

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