How can I add a sub-task in Daylite?

A sub-task is a task that is a part of a main task. When you have a main task that requires multiple other smaller tasks that must be completed, you can create the smaller tasks as sub- tasks for the main task.

Adding a sub-task using Daylite on the Mac

  1. Select the task you wish to add as a sub-task.
  2. Hold down the option key, drag and drop it on the primary task. A new sub-task will be created for the primary task. The primary task displays an expandable arrow that you can click to view the sub-task.

Alternately, you can select the primary task, right-click or control-click and choose New Subtask.

Adding a sub-task using you iPhone or iPad

Creating sub-tasks from your iPhone or iPad works a little different, you will need to select the "parent" task first.

  1. Tap on the task you want to create a sub-task for.
  2. Scroll down to sub-tasks and tap New sub-task.
  3. Enter the sub-task and tap Save.

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