How can I connect to a different database on my Mac, iPhone and iPad?

If you have set up multiple databases in Daylite Server, you can connect to a different database by using the following steps:

Daylite on your Mac

  1. If you are connected to Daylite, log out of the database (File > Log Out). This opens the Log In window.
  2. Under Connect to Server Address & Database, if any database is detected in your network, that database name is displayed. You must enter your login credentials and connect. Otherwise, if you wish to connect to a different database, select Other Server & Database. In the sheet that opens, enter the server address. All databases on that server are identified and displayed for you. Select a database. Click Choose.
  3. Enter your username and password. Click Log In.

Daylite on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Sync your device with the server.
  2. Wipe the current database by going to Home > Settings > General > Wipe Database.
  3. In the alert that opens, tap Wipe. This takes you to the Login screen.
  4. In the Login screen, you may browse a sample database, or, connect to a database on the server by entering your user credentials.

Please note Daylite on the iPhone and iPad can only connect to the Primary database in Daylite Server.

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