How can I Export & Import Slips From Billings Pro?

You can export working slips from Billings Pro as a .bex file and import this file into Billings Pro. Except for taxes, all other fields in the slip can be exported from Billings Pro and imported as is. Since taxes are not exported, the total amount for the slip will be slightly different once imported and you will have to apply taxes manually to update the total.


  1. Choose View > All Slips.
  2. Sort by "All Working Slips."
  3. Select the slip(s) and choose File > Export > Export Slips.
  4. In the sheet that opens, click Save.

Billings Pro exports the selected slip(s) as a .bex file in the specified location.


  1. Choose File > Import > Import From Billings.
  2. Browse to the location of the .bex file, select it, and click Open.

Once imported the "All Slips" view will appear and display the last imported slips.

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