How can I make Daylite plugins work with Daylite Mail Assistant?


You installed a plugin which works in Daylite, but it does not work in Daylite Mail Assistant.

For the purpose of this article, we will use the Phone Amego plugin as an example.

After installing Phone Amego, you notice that you have the option to dial a phone number using the Phone Amego app from within Daylite, but you do not have the option available when viewing the contact in the Daylite Mail Assistant pane.

Calling from Daylite

Due to sandboxing (a security technique) with Apple Mail, Daylite Mail Assistant is not able to use plugins installed for Daylite, unless they are installed in a specific location.


  1. Quit Apple Mail and Daylite
  2. Launch Finder and navigate to the path: ~/Library/Containers/ Support/
  3. Create a folder titled "DaylitePlugins"
  4. Open a new Finder window and navigate to the path: ~/Library/Application Support/com.marketcircle.Daylite4/Plugins
  5. Copy the plugin you are trying to use with Daylite Mail Assitant from this folder and move it into the "DaylitePlugins" folder
  6. Launch Daylite and Mail and the plugin should be accessible via Daylite Mail Assistant

Calling from Daylite Mail Assistant


Some features or functionality of the plugin may be restricted due to Apple Mail's sandboxing.

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