How can I manually add Daylite processes to the Mac OS firewall?

Perform the following steps on the computer that Daylite Server Admin is installed on to manually add the Server processes to your active Mac OS X firewall:

  1. Open a Finder window and navigate to the following location: Hardrive -> Library -> Application Support -> Daylite Server 4.
  2. Hold the [Control] key and click on the "Daylite Server.bundle". Choose "Show Package Contents".
  3. From here, navigate to Contents -> Resources. The processes that Daylite Server Admin require for the database to communicate locally / remotely will be listed here. Keep this window open and in the background.
  4. To add these processes to the Firewall, you will need to do the following. Go to your Apple System Preferences. Choose Security & Privacy and then select "Firewall". Click on the lock, enter you Mac OS X password. Click on "Firewall Options...".
  5. In the next window, click on the "+" button.
  6. Now from the Finder window in the background, drag and drop the process to the Firewall Open window. This will change the location in the Firewall Open window to the processes list.
  7. From here, add the following processes:

  8. Daylite Server Admin

  9. DLAccessd
  10. DLAttachmentd
  11. DLCardCald
  12. DLConfigd
  13. DLPortsd
  14. DLStaged
  15. DLTouchd
  16. postgres (stored in this path: /Library/Application Support/Daylite Server 4/Daylite Server.bundle/Contents/Frameworks/MCDatabaseServer.framework/Versions/A/Resources/postgresql/bin)

  17. Click "OK" to confirm the changes. Shut down and restart your computer for the firewall to take this settings.

  18. Launch Daylite Server Admin and confirm that it's switched 'ON'.

*Note: We are aware that under rare conditions after an update to Daylite Server Admin or Software Updates to the Mac OSX, the Mac OS firewall does not update the new processes correctly. Instead, it is set to allow the OLDER (pre update) processes and never asks to accept the NEW (post update) processes. This is why the firewall may look configured correctly on the surface, but in reality it is not. Thus why Daylite may encounter a sync error when the firewall is on and all applicable processes have been allowed.

This can affect one process, all processes or a combination of Daylite Server processes. We have reported this bug to Apple and working with them to come to a complete solution. When this will occur, regrettably is not known at this time but we are working hard with Apple to get this addressed.

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