How can I migrate Billings Pro Self-Serve from one computer to another?

In the event that you need to move your Billings Pro Server to another computer, please follow the steps below:

  1. All users must perform a manual sync in Billings Pro on iOS (Click the sync button, then go to Home > Settings > Account > Wipe Touch Database) and Billings Pro on Mac (File > Sync with Server and then File > Log Out) then quit the application.
  2. Working from Billings Pro Server Admin, select the Database tab. Create a backup of your database by clicking Backup Database.
  3. When the backup has completed, select the Licenses tab and make a note of your serial and license numbers.
  4. Select the Network Tab and logout of switchboard if you have one.
  5. Select General and turn the Billings Pro Server Off.
  6. Copy the backup file and transfer it to the new computer.
  7. Download and install Billings Pro Server Admin on the new computer.
  8. When launching Billings Pro Server Admin for the first time, use the "Restore from a backup" option. Using the Finder, locate your backup file, select it, and restore the database. Billings Pro Server Setup Assistant
  9. When the database has been restored, click the licenses tab and add your serial and license numbers.
  10. Select the general tab and turn the Billings Pro Server on.
  11. Select Network and log in to Switchboard. Click the date next to "Last IP Update" which will update your IP address with Switchboard.

At this point in time, you can safely uninstall Billings Pro Server Admin from the old computer. The uninstaller is located in your Applications > Utilities folder.

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